18 April 2014;12:33 pm

Hi, I am Linda Evans

My story with regard to ‘NPL healing’ began when I was 26 years old. I was working as a computer programmer at the time and I very accidentally came into contact with regression therapy. I was very interested in self development and I took therapy and training in regression therapy. I was 33 when I started my own practice as a regression therapist. When I was 35, I had my first psychic perceptions. I could perceive and remove patterns in the subconscious mind in one person who was present with me (patterns are programmes in the subconscious mind that control personality and life in a negative way). A bit later, I discovered that I could also do this from a distance, without the client being present with me in person.  My psychic abilities gradually continued to develop.  When I was 36, I was able to treat several people simultaneously from a distance. After having treated myself intensively for a whole year with my new technique, the NPL method, the patterns in myself started to peel off automatically. I was surprised and deliriously happy by this sudden unexpected development. The automatic peeling off has meanwhile become a very important element of NPL healing. As a result of to the automatic peeling off of patterns, it’s possible to resolve every problem, in everyone, in the short or long term.

The ability to apply NPL healing is the most valuable thing someone can possess. NPL healing can be passed on to others so that this technique won’t get lost and so that it will one day be possible to apply ‘NPL healing’ on a larger scale. I’m now in my fifties and it is my goal in life and that of the people who are in training with me, to make NPL healing known in the world, so that this technique will one day be applied on a worldwide scale. Thanks to NPL healing, one stays very healthy into old age. Hence, I still have a lot of time to work towards this goal.

One of the fundamentals of NPL healing is the knowledge, the certainty of reincarnation is; an eternal reincarnation that has no sense at all and that makes man and animal prisoner into an object (the body). Myself and others who are under training and who will apply NPL healing have set ourselves the target to apply NPL healing in this life and in the next lives so that one day all human beings and animals will be freed from the monster that is the (negative) subconscious mind. I applied NPL healing in previous lives as well and in this life I remembered the therapy.