Complementary therapy

NPL complementary/alternative therapy

The NPL method whereby people are treated from a distance is alternative to the extent that it’s even alternative within the field of alternative therapies.

The view on which this therapy is based is that people are for the most part programmed and that merely a tiny part of behaviour, actions, things occurring in life are due to free will.
In the view of the NPL alternative/complementary therapy man is born with a programme surrounding him. This programme determines the personality, life circumstances, health, intelligence and abilities.

This programme is made up of invisible matter which can be destroyed. By destroying the programme negative issues are changed for the better. Most alternative/complementary therapies aim at health and sometimes  (limited) personality changes as well. The NPL method is particularly aimed at fundamental personality enhancement. In this process a good health is acquired, abilities improve and life runs more smoothly in numerous areas.

However this can’t be acquired in the short-term. While other alternative/complementary therapies aim at the improvement of negative issues (e.g. bowel problems, anxiety, …) and only aim to remedy these problem issues, NPL healing targets the highest possible perfection in personality, health, ability and circumstances. This takes a lifetime.

The NPL alternative/complementary therapy is therefore designed for people striving for a lifelong self development. Mr Average, the man in the street is not interested in this, it merely appeals to some rara aves. This text and this website are intended for those rara aves.