Autism example treatment

Adults with autism can be treated successfully with NPL healing. NPL is the name of an energetic, psychic distance therapy developed by Linda Evans. It is the view of NPL that the cause of autism isn’t located in the brain or in the genes, but in the subconscious mind. Linda Evans can perceive and destroy the blockages or programmes in the subconscious mind that cause autism. Once the blockages responsible for autism are gone, someone will no longer be an autist. You can watch testimonies of people on film and in text. They testify about the changes they have been able to assess in their personalities and in their lives thanks to NPL healing on NPL example treatments.

It is the view of NPL that all kinds of problems and diseases in life originate from the subconscious mind. Millions of programmes that cause all kinds of problems with regard to personality, capacities, health and situations in life are present in the subconscious mind. Every programme consists of a matter that is invisible to the eye and that has a certain content. This content determines a specific problem one experiences in life. Autism is the result of a huge number of different patterns. Each pattern is responsible for a typical oddity or a aberrant character trait responsible for autism, such as: ‘you’re in your own small world’, ‘you feel ill at ease and fearful in contact with others’, ‘nothing may change, everything has to stay as it is’, etc. More examples of patterns of autism are to be found on NPL autism patterns.

Linda Evans can perceive and break down these patterns in someone’s subconscious mind from a distance. As a result the problems that were caused by it, will forever disappear. Linda Evans wants to demonstrate that NPL healing really works by way of example treatments since most people aren’t familiar with energetic therapies or distance therapies.

The distance treatment can start after a questionnaire has been filled in and after a contact with Linda Evans, either in person, or by telephone or webcam.