Autism free treatment

NPL healing is a psychic distance treatment that can cure autism.  Wherever you live, in London, Los Angeles, New York, Edinburgh or wherever in the world, you can be treated from a distance for autism .

Linda Evans lives in The Netherlands, but nevertheless, distance is not a problem since the treatment happens from a distance.  Even if you live in Washington, California, Birmingham or Manchester,  you can be treated from a distance by Linda Evans.

Autism and every possible variation of the autism spectrum, like asperger syndrome, pdd, pdd  nos, can be completely remedied by NPL healing. NPL is based on a totally new view on the cause of psychological problems and personality disorders. It is the view of NPL that all psychological problems and problems regarding personality originate from the subconscious mind. NPL states that the cause of autism isn’t to be found in the genes or in the brain, but in the subconscious mind.

Linda Evans has psychic abilities that enable her to perceive this subconscious mind in physical form in and around the human body. There are millions of programmes or ‘patterns’ present in the subconscious mind that are responsible for all kinds of problems and diseases. Examples of patterns can be found on NPL autism patterns.

NPL is a psychic distance healing. Linda Evans crushes the patterns that cause a certain condition from a distance with this healing. The patterns that cause autism, or whatever, consist of a light, invisible matter. Linda Evans can perceive and destroy this matter from a distance by way of her psychic energies. It may sound strange, but numerous testimonies prove that it works. You can watch example treatments of people who have reported about their progress at regular intervals during the treatment.

Free healing is possible by way of self-treatment. This is a technique whereby you can treat yourself with Linda Evans’ energies in order to break down patterns in the subconscious mind. Although autism can’t be entirely cured in this way – since this method is less powerful than the healing given by Linda Evans herself – some improvements with regard to personality or state of mind can very often be found as a result of self-treatment.