Autism treatment

Autism distance therapy

Autism can be successfully treated with NPL healing, a distance therapy that works directly on the subconscious mind. NPL (New Personality and Life) was developed and is performed by Linda Evans.

There are examples of people with autism who testify about the results with NPL healing. A first example of this is the treatment of ADD and a light form of autism of a 19 year old girl, whose mother gives evidence of the treatment, both in text and on video.

Here you can find examples of treatments of all kinds of problems.

Autism can be completely solved with NPL healing. The NPL method is an energetic psychic therapy. People are exclusively treated from a distance. This means that your subconscious mind is worked on from a distance; you aren’t present with therapist Linda Evans in person at the moment of the treatment.

Autism is not more difficult to be treated with NPL healing than any other problem. The treatment consists of breaking down a light matter that is present around the person and that is the substance the subconscious mind consists of (apart from a second energy-substance). It is the view of Linda Evans that the subconscious mind is the cause of autism and not the genes or the brain.

So, the cause of autism is – contrary to what is believed in science – not to be found in the brain or in the genes, but in programmes in the subconscious mind, which is located in and around a person. We’re all born with this subconscious mind around us.

It is the philosophy of NPL healing that man is a soul in a body. The soul is surrounded by the subconscious mind. The soul has existed since eternity and hasn’t been created by a god. The soul simply exists. A soul in its original state is positive, omniscient and omnicreating. The soul in its current condition is captured and suppressed by the subconscious mind and has become mainly negative, while it originally used to be positive. In the current condition, the negative part is suppressing the positive. Characteristics of autism are the result of the negative subconscious mind. This consists of millions of programmes that mainly hold concepts and images. For example: ‘you don’t know how to react when someone looks at you’. Or an image of a nervous animal withdrawing in its hole when there is danger, producing sounds. This programme will cause someone to be nervous, to withdraw when in danger, preferably in a dark space, and to produce certain sounds. These programmes consist of a light, invisible matter.

This matter is visible to someone who masters NPL healing. The NPL method consists of crushing this light matter, or in the case of autism, destroying the thousands of programmes that cause autism. In the course of this process, changes occur. Some characteristics change more quickly than others, because the roots of some programmes are located at higher layers than others. When the therapy continues for long enough, eventually all programmes are destroyed and all negative characteristics will be removed.