Autism therapy

Distance treatment of autism

A first example of an autism treatment started in August 2012. Have a look at this treatment of ADD and a light form of autism. The treated person is someone who responds very quickly to NPL healing. She’s is a 19 year old girl. Her mother testifies in text and on video about her daughter’s treatment.

NPL healing is a psychic technique whereby people are treated from a distance for improving personality. Autism can be corrected with NPL healing by breaking the subconscious patterns that cause this condition.

In the case of autistic patients with normal ability levels, this personality disorder can be fully corrected and the autistic patient can live a fully normal and happy life. In the case of autistic patients with a mental handicap, the mental handicap cannot be remedied. The typical characteristics of autism, however, can be corrected in these autists by NPL healing.

Scientists claim that autism is hereditary and that the cause is to be found in the brain. However, so far no single therapy has been able to cure autism. However, I see things differently. Autism is not hereditary and the cause is not to be found in the brain. It is my view that autism is caused by subconscious programs or ‘patterns’ that are stored around a person in the form of matter, and which are present from birth.

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Examples of programmes (or patterns) of autism, can be found in the book on NPL.