Bad breath

We all suffer from bad breath, every once in a while. When you have eaten too much garlic or too much herbs, your housemates will soon notice it.  But that isn’t all that bad, because after a while the smell disappears as a matter of course.

But the bad breath can also have lots of other causes that make the problem more chronic. There currently is an effective treatment for this chronic type of halitosis: NPL healing. This is a pioneering therapy based on new discoveries concerning the causes of physical problems, like bad breath and numerous other psychological conditions. There are testimonies that can be watched at NPL example treatments in which people who have been treated with NPL testify about the unique results obtained by this therapy.

Bad breath can also result from failing to regularly brush your teeth. As a result lots of bacteria can arise that produce all kinds of foul-smelling gases in the mouth. This can even result in a white fur on the tongue and sulfur-like gases with a rotten egg smell causing bad breath.

When you smoke too much, drink too much coffee, suffer from a stomach infection, your mouth is too dry … the problem of a smelly breath is lurking around the corner. Some causes can be tackled immediately, for example by stopping smoking, but other causes aren’t so easy to solve.

Smelly breath can have a serious impact on someone’s life. It isn’t pleasant for other people to talk with the person in question because their breath doesn’t smell good. This has nothing to do with character, but only with the smell that approaches you when talking. So, a smelly breath can cause the social life to be totally ruined.

When you have tried really everything to get rid of your bad breath: you take excellent care of your teeth, you scrape off your tongue, you don’t smoke, you don’t eat herbs, .. but you still suffer from that foul breath, then there’ something else going on.

It is the view of NPL healing that the problem is to be found in the subconscious mind: subconscious programmes can be the direct cause of this problem. Such a programme or pattern is a kind of matter which is present both in and around our body and that can cause numerous problems.

Linda Evans discovered that there are millions of patterns in everyone’s subconscious mind. These patterns cause an awful lot of misery, and also bad breath.

NPL healing was developed by Linda Evans. She can both perceive and completely destroy these subconscious programmes. She can treat someone who suffers from bad breath from a distance by making use of her own energies.

In this way, the patterns of bad breath are completely stamped out. Once a pattern is no longer present in the subconscious mind, the problem can no longer occur and this annoying problem is gone for good.

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