Adult bed wetting

Update: we are currently no longer looking for peopleto be treated for free for bed wetting as an example treatment, as is mentioned in this text.

Bedwetting adults can be treated for free with NPL healing in exchange for the publication of the results of the NPL treatment on the internet. NPL is a psychic distance technique developed by Linda Evans. Thanks to her psychic abilities, she discovered that a great many problems with regard to health, personality, circumstances in life and talents, are caused by patterns in the subconscious mind.
Linda Evans can perceive the subconscious mind in and around the human body. This subconscious mind includes millions of negative programmes and every programme or ‘pattern’ is responsible for a certain problem in life, like for example adult bed wetting.

Since NPL healing is a psychic technique and since most people can’t perceive the subconscious mind Linda Evans refers to, she is presenting example treatments on her website. These are real treatments in which the people treated are testifying about the progress of NPL healing and the results obtained in the course of the treatment. In exchange they are treated for free until all problems are solved. By way of these example treatments, Linda Evans wants to show the truthfulness of this theory about the subconscious mind and the efficiency of this therapy. In this way, she hopes to draw the attention of science. If her therapy were to be examined by science, it could be spread on a larger scale and even more people could benefit from it.

According to a certain scientific hypothesis, bedwetting, both in adults and in children, is the result of too full a rectum. Research has shown that in some people from the test group bed wetting decreases by taking laxatives. However, this is neither a permanent nor a complete solution to the problem because the underlying cause is not tackled.

NPL healing, by contrast, can completely remove the cause of the problem, which is present in the subconscious mind, and as a result, completely resolve the problem.

Conventional medicine doesn’t know the origin of most diseases, except when they are caused by micro-organisms. This is because most diseases and physical complaints, such as bed wetting in adults and all psychological problems, originate from the subconscious mind (as well as lack of talents, negative circumstances and events in life).

Linda Evans can destroy the patterns in the subconscious mind. They consist of an invisible matter and they have a certain content. Linda Evans has the ability to ‘read’ the contents of the patterns and to destroy the matter. Consequently, the problems that were caused by it, will no longer occur.

An example of the contents of a pattern, as perceived in the subconscious mind by Linda Evans:

‘An electrical signal from the brain normally causes the bladder to be strong. However, the electrical signals from the brain are rather weak and they consequently make the bladder less powerful and the constrictor of the bladder is not powerful enough to stop the urine.