Fatigue (CFS)

Update: we are currently no longer looking for people with bulimia to be treated for free as an example treatment, as is mentioned in this text.

Free treatment of fatigue (CFS) with NPL healing until all symptoms are gone.  Wherever you live: in London, Los Angeles, New York or Birmingham, you can apply for a free treatment of fatigue. NPL healing is an energetic distance therapy developed by Linda Evans. Although she is living in Belgium, distance is not a problem. You can be treated for fatigue even if you live in Washington DC, Chicago, Edinburgh, Manchester or wherever.

This treatment will serve as an example treatment and the progress will be placed on the internet. In exchange for the free treatment, the candidates are expected to make reports about the therapy process, which will appear on the internet. NPL healing is a psychic therapy that is performed entirely from a distance. You don’t need to be present with the therapist in person when you’re being treated.

Distance therapy is an unfamiliar kind of treatment to many people. Linda Evans, NPL therapist, wants to demonstrate that this energetic therapy is very effective for numerous problems and psychological and physical conditions by way of free example treatments. Someone with fatigue will again be an energetic person due to this free therapy. Some example treatments can also be watched.

Fatigue is a very frequent condition. About 2% of the population is suffering from it. It is characterized by physical and mental exhaustion. The symptoms get worse with every kind of effort. It is called cfs (chronic fatigue syndrome) when the symptoms persist for more than six months.  Apart from exhaustion, the following characteristics are typical of someone with fatigue: a feeling of malaise, loss of strength, dizziness, painful lymph nodes, sleeplessness, joint pain, muscle pain, lack of concentration and memory problems.

Conventional medicine still does a lot of research for the cause, the consequences and the treatment of the chronic fatigue syndrome. A viral infection is counted among the causes because the condition often starts after a viral infection. Furthermore an overactive or malfunctioning immune system is considered as a cause, and the cause is also looked for in the hormonal system or in psychological factors. The treatment mainly aims to or to relieve the symptoms and it can consist of psychotherapy, antiviral medicines, food supplements or complementary therapy. A combination of various types of treatment is often opted for.

The chronic fatigue syndrome has major consequences for the patient and his surroundings. These people need sufficient rest. Working is often impossible. Therefore, a permanent solution for people with chronic fatigue syndrome is more than welcome.

It is the view of NPL that the cause of the chronic fatigue syndrome is to be found in the subconscious mind of man. Linda Evans, who developed NPL, states that the cause of all mental conditions and lots of diseases is to be found in the subconscious mind. Linda Evans has psychic abilities and she can perceive ‘patterns’ or ‘programmes’ responsible for the course of a certain disease. Linda Evans can perceive and destroy the ‘patterns’ responsible for cfs of fatigue until they are completely gone.

When someone is treated for chronic fatigue syndrome with NPL healing, all subconscious ‘patterns’ responsible for this disease will be destroyed. The entire treatment takes place from a distance. Therapy usually requires a lot of energy from the patient, but in this therapy the person treated gradually gets more energy, and no energy has to be spilt on travelling either. Eventually, the fatigue will completely disappear. One is cured when all ‘patterns’ responsible for the chronic fatigue syndrome are gone.

You simply have to apply for the free example treatment of cfs to experience that your life can be full of energy once again.