Lose fat

Update: we are currently no longer looking for people who want to lose fat to be treated for free as an example treatment, as is mentioned in this text.

Lose fat with free NPL healing

Looking for candidates who want to testify on the internet about the results of NPL healing in exchange for free treatment. NPL is a psychic, energetic therapy from a distance developed by Linda Evans. She wants to demonstrate the value and the possibilities of this therapy by putting reports of the results on the internet. Watch other similar treatments on NPL example treatments.

How and why does NPL healing work?

NPL healing is an effective method to lose fat when other methods fail or for people with obesity or who haven’t managed to lose weight in spite of every possible effort, who relapse into bad eating habits or who can’t lose weight in spite of good eating habits and sufficient exercise or with whom the lost kilos return time and again.

Why and how is it possible to lose fat with this technique? NPL is based on a new view on the cause of overweight and all possible problems in life. It is the view of NPL that overweight is the result of negative programmes or ‘patterns’ in the subconscious mind. Linda Evans can perceive these programmes in someone’s subconscious mind from a distance and she can also remove them from it. When someone is overweight and doesn’t manage to lose fat, this is the result of specific patterns in the subconscious mind. Every pattern consists of an amount of matter and has a certain content which describes the problem. Linda Evans can read the contents and destroy the matter the patterns consist of. For example, the contents can be: ‘you remain fat’, ‘you can’t lose fat’, ‘you have to weigh at least … kg’, ‘you can’t stop eating’, ‘you’re always hungry’, ‘you feel better when you nibble’, ‘you grow increasingly fatter and fatter’, etc. When these patterns are present in someone’s subconscious mind, it’s almost impossible to lose weight permanently. Only when these patterns are removed from someone’s subconscious mind, someone will be able to lose fat permanently.

What is expected in exchange for the free treatment?

For the moment, it is possible to lose fat thanks to NPL distance healing in the framework of the example treatments. These example treatments aim to demonstrate that there is a way out for people who don’t manage to lose fat in spite of every possible effort to lose weight. Only people between 18 and 40 are accepted. The person treated is expected to make a certain effort in exchange for the free treatment. First, a questionnaire has to be filled out regarding health, personality, work situation, relationships with others, talents, events in life. The answers obtained by means of this questionnaire are put on the internet together with a picture, the name and domicile of the person treated. One also has to make a small film (about two minutes) in which one presents oneself and in which one’s main problem issues are described. This will also appear on the internet. The original list of problems will have to be checked in the course of the treatment (every two months the first two times and next every three to four months) in order to find changes. Together with this a small film has to be made in which the main changes are described. This will all appear on the internet.