Nocturnal enuresis in adults

Update: we are currently no longer looking for people with nocturnal enuresis to be treated for free as an example treatment, as is mentioned in this text.

Free treatment of nocturnal enuresis

Free treatment of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) in adults with NPL healing in exchange for the publication of the progress of the treatment on the internet. NPL is a psychic, energetic distance therapy developed by Linda Evans. NPL is based upon a new view on the cause of nocturnal enuresis. It is the view of NPL that bedwetting in adults originates from the subconscious mind and it can be completely solved by acting on it with NPL healing.

View of NPL healing

NPL healing is a therapy that can solve problems in life that can’t be solved by any other means, neither conventional nor alternative. It is the view of NPL that numerous problems in life with regard to health, physical symptoms (like for example nocturnal enuresis in adults), all psychological problems, lack of talents and negative circumstances and events in life are the result of negative programmes in the subconscious mind.

Cause in the subconscious mind

This subconscious mind is not located in the brain or in the genes, but in and around the human and animal body. Linda Evans has psychic abilities that allow her to perceive this subconscious mind and to remove the negative blockages or patterns from it. Every subconscious pattern is responsible for a specific problem in life and can be broken down by way of NPL healing, as a result of which the problem will disappear. When adults (or children) suffer from nocturnal enuresis, then this is determined by patterns in their subconscious minds.

Every pattern consists of an amount of invisible matter and has a certain content, by which the problem is determined. Linda Evans can read the problem from the subconscious mind from a distance and she can destroy the matter of which the patterns consist. This happens from a distance.

Aim of the example treatments

NPL healing is a special and effective therapy for all kinds of problems in life that can’t be solved by any other technique, neither regular nor alternative. Linda Evans wants to show this by way of example treatments (for enuresis nocturna, among other things). In this way, she wants to draw the attention of science to her therapy. Since if NPL healing were to be scientifically researched, its efficiency could be proved and it could be applied on a larger scale so that even more people could be helped by it.

Someone who participates in the example treatments, in this way contributes to the dissemination of a technique that can help the world on.

Example of a pattern that causes nocturnal enuresis in a real adult person, as perceived by Linda Evans:

The electrical brain signal that travels to the bladder muscle and that makes the bladder strong, is weakened. As a result the bladder is less powerful, the bladder sphincter is not powerful enough to stop the urine.

Someone who applies for the example treatment, has to make a certain effort. The distance treatment takes a few months to a few years and in exchange a number of small films are made in which the main points of evolution are mentioned. These will be placed on the internet by way of example.