Psychosomatic disorders

Update: we are currently no longer looking for people with psychosomatic disorders to be treated for free as an example treatment, as is mentioned in this text.

My name is Linda Evans. I offer free treatments for psychosomatic disorders with NPL healing, a complementary therapy I developed, in exchange for the publication of the progress of the treatment on the internet. NPL is an energetic distance therapy that can solve problems that can’t be solved by any other technique, neither conventional nor complementary. I present example treatments on my website in order to show the possibilities of this technique. These are real treatments in which people systematically testify about the results they have been able to obtain in exchange for a free treatment. These treatments take a few months to a few years.

NPL can solve psychosomatic disorders by working on the subconscious mind. I can perceive this subconscious mind from a distance in and around the human and animal body in the form of patterns (negative) and energies (positive). The patterns are responsible for all possible problems in life and also for psychosomatic disorders. Every pattern has a certain form and a certain contents. The contents is a certain problem in life, for example grief, tension, not being able to find a job, meeting opposition, not being able to think well, lack of creativity, … I can perceive these patterns in the form of a light matter, which breaks down when I focus on it. By breaking the patterns in this way, the problems they caused, will disappear. However, a great many hours of distance therapy is required to solve the problem completely.

A first type of psychosomatic disorder is caused by the presence of the matter a pattern consists of, at a certain place in the body. Typical symptoms are: headache, abdominal pains, constipation, diarrhoea, pains in certain parts of the body, which can’t be accounted for, frequent throat aches, a tension in the neck and/or shoulders, chest pressure, .. These psychosomatic disorders can fairly easily be solved with NPL healing. The patterns which are present in the body and which cause the symptoms, can have all kinds of contents and usually get worse when the situation described in the pattern, occurs in life.

A second type of pattern causes psychosomatic problems through its contents. This type of pattern can be present both in and outside the body and its contents is the disease or the symptoms of the disease. This kind of pattern may or may not include and describe the chemical processes that take place in the body that cause the symptoms.

People who are interested in the example treatment have to realize that a certain effort is asked in return: films have to be made in which the main changes are mentioned. In addition, a questionnaire has to be filled out at the start of the treatment, which has to be checked regularly in the course of the treatment in order to find changes. The name and the domicile of the person treated will also be visible on the internet. However, it can be made sure that they are not found by the search engines.