Smelly breath

People with smelly breath can be treated for free with NPL healing. Wherever you live: in New York, San Francisco, London or Birmingham, … you can be treated for bad breath by Linda Evans. Linda Evans has psychic abilities and she developed a remote healing technique that can cure smelly breath or whatever problem. Linda Evans lives in Belgium, but distance is not a problem. Even in you live in Edinburgh, Manchester, Washington DC, California or wherever, you can apply for a free treatment with NPL long distance therapy.

Have you ever talked to someone with smelly breath? You probably have, and did you also tell this person he had bad breath? I don’t think so, because this is often hurtful. Halitosis (the scientific name of bad breath) is still a taboo and only few people can talk about it in a normal way.

However, there exists a new and very effective method to be free of smelly breath once and for all: NPL healing. This therapy was developed by Linda Evans and it is based on new discoveries concerning the origin of all kinds of physical and psychological problems, such as smelly breath. You can watch testimonies of people who have got rid of all kinds of problems that other techniques couldn’t remedy thanks to NPL healding. You can watch them on NPL example treatments.

Smelly breath is more frequent than commonly thought, lots of people have bad breath. Someone with smelly breath also often keeps in the background as a result of which you won’t quickly notice that his breath smells bad. People are usually ashamed about this problem because there’s little understanding for halitosis, even if one does everything possible to get rid of it.

Why does someone has bad breath? There can be various causes, the most common cause is not taking good care of one’s teeth. But smelly breath can also be caused by a mouth that is too dry, fur on the tongue, drinking too much coffee, stomach problems, smoking, … Halitosis can be temporary or permanent.

Sometimes bad breath can be remedied by brushing your teeth daily after every meal, especially at night. In this way, bacteria have less chance to develop and as a result, there will be less holes between the teeth. Plenty of bacteria can cause smelly breath.

Apart from brushing your teeth, you can take extra care of them by flossing your teeth, frequently rinsing your mouth with disinfecting mouth water and using toothpicks. All these measures will result in a nice set of teeth and the chance of having bad breath will decrease as a result.

However, it’s strange that people whose teeth are very well looked after, still have smelly breath. How is this possible?

It is the view of NPL that someone with halitosis, can have subconscious patterns that cause this problem. These patterns are a kind of matter that is present in our subconscious mind.  The patterns don’t only cause bad breath, but they are also responsible for numerous problems that people and animals have to deal with in life. For more information on these patterns, go to

Linda Evans can perceive these patterns, but she can also remove them from the subconscious mind. She can eradicate the patterns that cause smelly breath layer by layer. This means that someone with bad breath can be cured permanently. In NPL healing someone is treated from a distance and doesn’t need to be present in person during the treatment, this may sound strange to most people, but this method works perfectly.