Treatment of amnesia

People with amnesia can be treated successfully with NPL healing. Linda Evans developed NPL healing, a psychic distance therapy that can solve all kinds of problems in life that can’t be solved by other methods, neither complementary nor conventional. Have a look at testimonies of people treated with NPL healing.

Amnesia and the subconscious mind

It is the view of NPL that the cause of lots of diseases, all problems related to personality, lack of talents, negative situations and circumstances in life find their origin in the subconscious mind. Linda Evans has psychic abilities and can perceive the subconscious mind. It is not located in the brain, but in and around the human body, often from a large distance. This subconscious mind contains lots of patterns responsible for all kinds of problems in life, such as, for example, amnesia. Linda Evans can remove these patterns from the subconscious mind from a distance, as a result of which the problems will disappear. Please read the free book ‘A new view on man, the subconscious mind and misery in the world’, written by Linda Evans in which she explains her view in great detail.

Causes of amnesia

Amnesia can have various causes. A disease such as Alzheimer / dementia, brain damage, medicines, can cause amnesia. However, amnesia occurs in most people as a byproduct of old age and it isn’t believed to have a real cause. However, Linda Evans found out that old age amnesia (just like amnesia due to Alzheimer and dementia), is the result of patterns in the subconscious mind and can consequently be remedied by NPL healing. When an external factor or a disease (with the exception of Alzheimer’s or dementia) is involved, the memory loss can’t be remedied with NPL healing. Amnesia can’t be cured by conventional medicine.

It is typical of NPL healing that not only the problem of memory loss (of whichever problem) is treated in an NPL treatment, but that all kinds of other patterns in the subconscious mind are broken down as well. Hence, various areas in life will progress in a positive way and/or existing problems will come to an end as a result. NPL can improve the following aspects of life: health and physical symptoms, personality, talents (including intelligence), events and circumstances.