Babies and crying

Crying babies can be treated with NPL healing until all problems are solved. Wherever you live: in Boston, Philadelphia, London or Bradfield, your baby can be treated with NPL distance therapy. NPL is an energetic therapy developed by Linda Evans. Although Linda Evans lives in Belgium, she can treat people in Leeds or Birmingham, in Los Angeles, in New York, … or anywhere in the world.

A baby can cry for various reasons: apart from obvious reasons like hunger or being too cold or being too warm, all kinds of unpleasant feelings can result in babies crying. Even a newly born child can have negative feelings and the only way in which it can react is by crying. A crying baby can for example feel afraid, sad, lonely, insecure, … Not only negative emotions make your baby cry, but off course it can also feel ill or be in pain, or have a great need for attention.

A lot of advice can be found to make a crying baby stop crying. You can try to hold it close to you, hug it, gently rock it, softly speak to it, softly sing to it or play some soft music, have a stroll while holding it in your arms. A warm bath also tends to help make some crying babies feel better and to make them stop crying.

A baby that is crying is disturbing to a parent and that’s also the intention. It’s the most important way to make clear to others that something is the matter. Babies can’t take care of themselves and a crying baby is crying to let you know that it needs help. Babies don’t cry for no reason, but sometimes this reason isn’t immediately clear. Babies don’t cry to manipulate you or to torment you.

It’s always important to go to a baby that is crying and to show interest in it. Even if you can’t always make it stop crying, it’s still important to try to comfort it. You won’t spoil a child by taking the crying seriously. Under no circumstances should the baby be shaken. Babies can be harmed when they are treated too roughly.

When you want to know exactly what your crying baby really feels and what is going on in its mind, you can also contact Linda Evans. She can sense the baby’s inner world from a distance by way of her psychic abilities. This means that she can perceive what is going on inside a baby that is crying – even if it is still in the womb.

In this way you can’t only find out why your baby is crying all the time, but you can also obtain a great deal of other interesting information, like its feelings towards the parents or towards other relatives. She can also perceive feelings and thoughts in a picture at the moment the picture was taken. But even more important is the fact that Linda Evans can treat the crying baby from a distance and remove the negative feelings from the subconscious mind from a distance as a result of which your baby will feel happy again.

In addition to the distance healing performed by Linda Evans, you can also apply free therapy for your baby yourself, by which is called the ‘self-treatment’. In doing so, you work with Linda Evans’ psychic energies yourself. More information and testimonies about the results of this are to be found on Linda Evans NPL self-treatment.