People who suffer from compulsion (obsessive compulsive neurosis, obsessive compulsive disorder) can be treated with NPL healing.

NPL healing was developed by Linda Evans. This therapy has a new explanation for the cause of compulsion or compulsive disorder and all kinds of other physical and psychological problems. It is the view of NPL that almost all problems we encounter in life, stem from the subconscious mind.

In the subconscious mind, there are blockages or negative programmes, each of which are responsible for a certain problem.

Linda Evans can perceive the subconscious mind around the human body in a physical form and she can remove these blockages from a distance.

When someone suffers from some or other compulsion, this is caused by a specific programme that contains this problem.

These programmes or ‘patterns’ are identified and removed in people’s subconscious minds with NPL healing. When the pattern responsible for compulsions or another problem has been removed from the subconscious mind, someone will never suffer from it again.

This healing is very effective, but few people are familiar with distance treatment. That’s why example treatments of people testifying about the unique results achieved with this therapy are presented on the internet. NPL is a unique therapy that can completely and permanently free someone of compulsions.

The conventional treatment of compulsion consists of medication and psychotherapy. Medication has numerous side effects and its effect is also limited in time. Psychotherapy for compulsions consists of cognitive therapy or talk therapy and behavioural therapy. These techniques aim at learning to deal with the compulsions by talking about the problem and by learning not to give way to it as easily anymore through exercise. This may have a limited effect in some cases, but the problems mostly remain and one has to continue to resist the compulsion for the rest of one’s life.

Compulsions, or of whatever problem, can be fully cured by NPL healing because it removes the cause of the problem. It will no longer be required to talk about it or to fight it. The compulsion will be completely removed from your life thanks to NPL healing, you’ll be completely freed from it.

NPL healing is a technique for self development that can solve problems related to personality completely and permanently. It can transform personality and turn someone into a new person, so to speak, it can make someone healthier, it can optimize personality, develop talents and cause all aspects of life to take a positive turn.