Dyslexia can be entirely cured with NPL healing. NPL is an energetic distance therapy developed by Linda Evans which can cure numerous problems that can’t be solved by any other therapy or technique.

New discoveries concerning origin of dyslexia and subconscious mind
NPL is based on new discoveries concerning the cause of all kinds of problems in life. It is the view of NPL that all problems with regard to personality, every lack of talent, negative situations in life and a great many health problems, originate from the subconscious mind.

When someone has dyslexia, then this is the result of negative programmes or ‘patterns’ in the subconscious mind that determine that there is dyslexia. There are millions of patterns in the subconscious mind, every one of which is responsible for a specific problem in life. Each pattern has a certain contents which determines the problem. When someone has dyslexia, there are patterns in the subconscious mind that can e.g. have the following contents: ‘you can’t distinguish the letters’, ‘you don’t recognize the letters’, ‘you can’t read’, etc. Full descriptions of patterns responsible for dyslexia in real people are to be found on dyslexia patterns. Some of these patterns have a negative impact on processes in the brain, although the real cause is the pattern and doesn’t lie in the brain itself.

These patterns consist of a subtle matter which is invisible to the eye. This matter can be perceived by an NPL therapist, such as Linda Evans. She can both identify and destroy the patterns responsible for dyslexia in the subconscious mind. This takes place entirely from a distance.

NPL is a psychic, energetic therapy, which is a relatively unknown kind of therapy. Still, NPL is a very effective therapy for a great many problems in life. Testimonies from people treated with NPL healing for all kinds of problems are to be found on NPL example treatments.

Dyslexia can’t be cured by conventional medicine and conventional therapies. Mild cases of dyslexia might benefit somewhat from exercise, but it won’t result in a complete cure. Someone will only be free of the problem when the subconscious programmes that cause dyslexia are no longer present in the subconscious mind.