Memory loss

Treatment of memory loss

People with old age memory loss for which there is no immediate cause (or caused by Alzheimer’s or dementia) can be treated successfully with NPL healing. NPL is a method for self development and for solving almost any problem one can have in life.
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Causes of memory loss

Memory loss can have a number of causes. Many people experience memory loss when ageing, a lot of people suffer from it from the age of 40 onwards.
Memory loss can also be the result of the use of alcohol or medicines, brain damage, a stroke or another physical condition. In these cases memory loss can’t be remedied by NPL healing. However, memory loss usually occurs in the process of ageing and there doesn’t seem to be any apparent cause. In these cases, memory loss is caused by patterns in the subconscious mind. Alzheimer and dementia too are caused by patterns in the subconscious mind and can be stopped by NPL healing and may perhaps even be reversed by way of NPL healing in the early stages of these diseases.

Memory loss and the subconscious mind

It is the view of Linda Evans that lots of diseases, all mental problems, lack of talents and negative circumstances in life find their origin in the subconscious mind. Linda Evans has psychic abilities and she can perceive the subconscious in the form of a substance present in and around the human and animal body which is invisible to the eye. There are millions of negative patterns in the subconscious mind and every pattern is responsible for a specific problem in life, like for example memory loss. Linda Evans can perceive these patterns in the subconscious mind from a distance and she can also remove them from it. When this has happened, the problem caused by it, will be completely gone.

What is expected in exchange for free therapy?

The kind of memory loss that crops up gradually when getting older, can be treated with NPL healing. This therapy can fully cure the kind of memory loss for which no direct cause can be found (as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia). In addition, an NPL treatment has a downright positive effect on life in general. It is typical of NPL healing that not only the problem treated is solved (like for example memory loss), but that all kinds of other aspects of life (health, personality, talents, events and circumstances in life) evolve in a positive way and certain problems in these domains are solved as well. In order to see the various results with NPL healing, you can fill out a questionnaire, which can be checked regularly in the course of the treatment in order to see all kinds of changes in your life.