NPL healing can successfully treat Gilles de la Tourette syndromeWherever you live: in Birmingham, Manchester, Washington DC, California, … or wherever in the world, you can be treated for Gilles de la Tourette syndrome from a distance.

Linda Evans lives in The Netherlands, but nevertheless, distance is not a problem since the treatment happens from a distance.  Even if you live in Boston, Brighton, New York or Los Angeles, you can be treated from a distance by Linda Evans.

All tourette symptoms can be completely removed by Linda Evans, who developed this pioneering therapy.   There are example treatments of people who want to have their problems resolved by NPL healing to be watched on Linda Evans example treatments.

NPL is currently probably the most effective treatment for tourette. Conventional medicine predominantly makes use of medicines to suppress the tourette tics. However, tourette can’t be cured by them. Consequently, most people don’t take them. Medicines are only used when tourette severely disrupts the functioning of the patient. Neuroleptics in particular are prescribed to suppress tourette tics. There is no single medicine that can be of help to everyone with the tourette syndrome and no single medicine can completely remove the symptoms of tourette. Moreover, every medicine for the treatment of tourette has side effects. The main side-effects of neuroleptics are numbness, increase in weight and cognitive numbing.

Apart from that, neuroleptics also have neurological effects: shaking, Parkinson-like symptoms occur due to a tourette treatment with these medicines. When these medicines are no longer taken, there can be withdrawal symptoms that increase the symptoms of tourette as well as additional involuntary movements.

Psychotherapy is also applied as a tourette treatment in conventional medicine. This can at the most support the patient with regard to the emotional problems that someone with tourette can experience due to this condition.

Tourette symptoms include both motor and vocal tics. They usually occur together. A treatment of tourette with NPL healing does away with all possible symptoms.. The motor tics are mainly involuntary movements of the face, torso, arms and legs. Coughing, yelling and growling are among the phonic tics. Sometimes also coprolalia (speaking obscenities or socially taboo or inappropriate phrases involuntarily) or copropraxia (making obscene movements) occur. Other symptoms of tourette that can be cured totally with NPL are: echolalia (repeating other’s words) and palilalia (repeating one’s own words). The symptoms occur up to four times as much in women than in men.

NPL healing is a very effective treatment of tourette. NPL can completely remove the cause of tourette. NPL really is the best treatment of tourette. It is the view of NPL that tourette is caused by programmes or blockages in the subconscious mind. Linda Evans has a sixth sense that enables her to perceive the subconscious mind in and around the human body, also from a distance. The negative programmes that cause tourette are destroyed from a distance by NPL healing. Once these ‘patterns’ are no longer present in the subconscious mind, someone will be totally and permanently free of all symptoms of tourette.