What is dyslexia?

Treatment of dyslexia
NPL healing is the best cure for dislexia. NPL both offers a sound explanation for dyslexia and can fully cure dyslexia.

Have a look at example treatments of people whose problems have been solved thanks to NPL healing.

What is dislexia? NPL knows the answer
The answer to ‘what is dislexia’ is to be found in the subconscious mind. Linda Evans developed NPL healing and she can completely cure dyslexia. She can perceive the subconscious mind around the human and animal body. So, this subconscious mind isn’t situated in the brain. There are millions of programmes in the subconscious mind, each of which is responsible for a different problem in life, like for example dyslexia.

The NPL theory doesn’t only offer an answer to the question ‘what is dislexia’, but to almost every problem we encounter in life. All psychological problems, many diseases, every lack of talent and negative situations in life originate from the subconscious mind. There are millions of negative programmes or patterns in the subconscious mind. Each pattern is responsible for another problem in life.

Complete cure of dislexia
NPL doesn’t only offer an answer to the question: ‘what is dislexia’, but it can solve this problem entirely. The patterns in the subconscious mind that cause dyslexia, are destroyed in NPL healing. This happens from a distance. Linda Evans can both perceive and remove the patterns responsible for dyslexia (or whatever problem) from the subconscious mind. Examples of patterns that cause dyslexia are ‘you don’t see the space between words’, ‘you can’t read letters’, ‘you can’t remember any letters’, ‘everything is one block’, etc. For more examples of real patterns, go to dyslexia patterns.

Conventional medicine can’t offer any explanation to the question: ‘what is dislexia’? It is guessed that the cause of dyslexia is to be found somewhere in the brain or in the genes, but there is no evidence for this. Hence, conventional therapies can’t cure dyslexia. In some cases, reading exercises can help someone who has a mild form of dyslexia, but this doesn’t cure dyslexia. That is because the answer to the question ‘what is dislexia’ is situated in the subconscious mind, which can only be perceived by someone who masters NPL healing.

NPL offers an explanation to the question ‘what is dislexia’ as well as to the cause of other problems in life and it can also cure them.