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18 September 2014;15:38 pm

Carlo, The Netherlands

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Carlo has been treated with NPL healing for 3,5 years. Lots of emotional, physical and study problems have been solved. He lives in the northern part of The Netherlands, and he has meanwhile become a medical doctor. His identity no longer revealed on this website for reasons of privacy. His identity was revealed when the treatment was going on.

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Summary treatment of Carlo from the Netherlands
Carlo is a medical student. One more year and he’ll be a medical doctor. He’s already somewhat older, he’s 46 years old. He’s been working as a nurse so far, and he started his training to be a doctor late in life. He

Carlo example treatment, introduction and results on film

Carlo introduces himself (the end of October 2006)

Several short introduction films in which Carlo introduces himself and talks about his most important problems.

Carlo introduction and various problem issues in text.
My name is Carlo, I live in the northern part of the Netherlands. On the website of Linda Evans I saw an announcement in which she stated that she was looking for candidates to film the proceeding of a treatment with NPL healing.

Results of Carlo in text
Below you'll find the text of Carlo's results with the NPL healing. Carlo testifies how he was gradually released of all his physical and psychological symptoms in 11 reports made at regular times in the course of the three years' treatment . You can read here