Disturbing phenomenon

Thanks to my psychic abilities and I can perceive things that other people can’t.
What you can read below will sound very strange to most people.  Nevertheless I want to inform people about something that is happening in the world and that I can perceive because I can see things that are invisible to the eye.
I want to inform people about something which is – in my opinion – the cause of terrible things happening in the world.  There is more info about this in my book chapter 13 about mind control creatures, where you can see some pictures about these weird things at the bottom of the page and you can also see them here: mind control creatures pictures.

First, read the text below that I have copied from the internet and that appeared in a newspaper in February 2008.


Bridgend suicides: ‘I feel shaken to the core. Why are youngsters around here doing this?’

A ‘bubbly and care-free’ 16-year-old girl is the latest youngster in the Bridgend area to commit suicide.

By Mark Hughes
Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Jenna Parry is the 17th young person to take her own life since January 2007.

Police insisted there was no link between the 17 deaths in the past 13 months and no evidence of a suicide pact or an internet cult.

Jenna’s death came just days after two cousins died after apparent suicide attempts. Kelly Stephenson, 20, was found dead in a bathroom during a family holiday. Hours earlier she had learnt that her 15-year-old cousin, Nathaniel Pritchard, had hanged himself. The two lived a few doors away from each other in Bridgend.

Yesterday, Jenna’s father Paul, 44, was said to be too upset to speak about his daughter’s death. However friends of the teenager paid tribute to her.

Daniel John, 20, said: “It has been an absolute shock. She was so bubbly and carefree; I can’t imagine why she would take her own life. She loved butterflies and was very girly. She loved pop music and dance music. I last spoke to her yesterday and she seemed normal – perfectly fine. I can’t get my head around why she has done this.”

Lisa Jones, the mother of Jenna’s best friend Jessica, added: “She had everything to live for – this is just so awful. I can’t understand what is going on around here.”
Her thoughts were echoed by Michael Bennett, the 61-year-old security guard who found Jenna’s body. “It was so shocking to find this poor young girl hanging from this tree. I feel shaken to the core by this. Why are youngsters around here doing this? I can’t understand it at all. People of my generation can’t explain it all – what is going on around here?”

Following the deaths, a suicide prevention strategy has been announced for Wales. The Welsh Assembly has said it wants a 10 per cent reduction in suicides by 2012. Suicide rates among men in Wales are the highest in the UK. In Bridgend, three 15 to 24-year-old men committed suicide on average every year between 1996 and 2006.
However, despite the spate of suicides around Bridgend – a county with a population of 130,000 people – police have said there is nothing to link the deaths.

At a press conference yesterday, Assistant Chief Constable Dave Morris said a review into the deaths was ongoing. He confirmed that all of the youngsters who had killed themselves in the past 13 months used social-networking internet sites such as MySpace and Bebo, but added: “We haven’t found any suggestion of a link or influence through those sites.
“In this day and age young people use the internet to talk to each other and record their thoughts. What we have found is that these are vulnerable young people, and taking one’s own life may be becoming an acceptable option to young people for issues that they are facing.”

Mr Morris criticised the media’s reporting of the deaths. “The media reporting is influencing young people in the Bridgend area.
“I have noticed an increase in sensationalist reporting, and the fact that Bridgend is becoming stigmatised. The link between the deaths isn’t the internet – it is the way the media is reporting the news.”

Madeleine Moon, the Labour MP for Bridgend, said: “There is nothing glamorous about taking your own life. It’s going to be tough, hard and painful for the families left behind. The media is part of the problem and I ask them to be part of the solution. Give friends and families the space they need.”

The parents of Nathaniel Pritchard also blamed their son’s death on media coverage. Nathaniel’s mother, Sharon, said: “Media coverage put the idea into Nathaniel’s head. We have lost our son and media reporting of this has made it an incredibly difficult time and more unbearable.”

The victims

Dale Crole, 18 Found hanged, 5 January 2007
Evans Dilling, 19 Found hanged in his home, February 2007
Thomas Davies, 20 Found hanged from a tree, 25 February 2007
Allyn Price, 21 Found hanged in his bedroom, April 2007
James Knight, 26 Found hanged at his home, 17 May 2007
Leigh Jenkins, 22 Found hanged, June 2007
Zachery Barnes, 17 Found hanged from a washing line, August 2007
Jason Williams, 21 Found hanged at home, 23 August 2007
Andrew O’Neill, 19 Found hanged at home, September 2007
Luke Goodridge, 20 Found hanged, November 2007
Liam Clarke, 20 Found hanged, 27 December 2007
Gareth Morgan, 27 Found hanged, 5 January
Natasha Randall, 17 Found hanged, 17 January
Angie Fuller, 18 Found hanged, 4 February
Kelly Stephenson, 20 Kelly, from Bridgend, was found hanged on 14 February while on holiday
Nathaniel Pritchard, 15 Kelly’s cousin, found hanged, died 15 February


There have been lots of suicides in recent years. Even by people whom there was nothing wrong with until a few weeks or even a few days or even a few hours before their deaths.
There have been a lot of other awful things too.

There have been plenty of divorces in the last few years. Divorces in relationships that had been good relationships until then, and then suddenly, the feelings of one of the partners changed and the other (partner) was left behind stricken by grief.
There are friendships of many years’ standing which are suddenly broken off.

There are people who all of a sudden are displaying different behaviour, as if they have become another person to a greater or lesser extent.

There are people who out of the blue and for no apparent reason are feeling dreadful, depressed, tired or still something else. There are people who all of a sudden hear voices or are being seized with intense inexplicable fears and who are worrying about every trifle as they have never done in their entire life. There are people who are suddenly feeling an aggression and a rage they have never felt before. All at once there are lots of quarrels between people who previously maintained cordial relations.

There are people feeling desperate that things will never get better and who are hence desperate and who are envisaging suicide as the only option. There are people suffering from such unendurable pains or other psychological or physical conditions that suicide seems the only way out. There are people who without there being any obvious reason are feeling an inexplicable strong urge to commit suicide.

There are lots of sleeping problems. There are numerous unaccountable physical complaints and pains for which there is no explanation and no remedy. Painkillers don’t help. People are being submitted to all kinds of medical tests and nothing is found. By now, doctors must have realized there are psychosomatic conditions and psychosomatic pains beyond remedy as they have never witnessed before.

There are an awful lot of cancers and there are much more sudden deaths than before.  These deaths are often due to sudden hart failure.

There are people feeling that everything they engage in is being sabotaged, there are people who seem to suffer nothing but misfortune. There are people showing particularly weird symptoms, like the feeling that they are rotten on the inside, or feeling an urge to totally withdraw from the outside world and who only want to live in a black pen. There are people feeling something crawling on their body, or crawling inside them. There are people feeling something wants to make them have an accident when driving a car. There are people feeling something has taken over control over them and they don’t feel like themselves any more.

There are people whose intellectual functions are suddenly being disturbed and who have great difficulty thinking. There are people who almost don’t get to doing anything anymore. There are planes unaccountably crashing and there are bizarre car accidents.

There are numerous other, at times very bizarre phenomena.

There is something strange going on in the world. I  have an explanation for this phenomenon. What I am telling you below will sound very peculiar, however I want to inform people about what is going on.

This website is about the subconscious mind surrounding a person in the form of matter.  This may sound weird to some people.  To other people, it may seem acceptable.
But there is something even more strange going on. It’s about ‘things’ attaching themselves to people.  Sometimes, a kind of ‘entity’, which is not really an ‘entity’ because it is not a soul, enters a person.  This ‘entity’ consists of matter just like the subconscious mind around a person and it carries a negative programme.  Sometimes, there are lots of ‘entities’ attaching themselves to one person.

These things that are entering a person are originating from space.  These things, whatever they may be, or whatever is producing them, are not ‘aliens’ like people tend to immediately call them.  In recent years, huge amounts of these weird things or ‘entities’ have entered our world and have attached themselves to humans and animals and are causing terrible problems.

To people being skeptical about this, I can only say that I can very easily prove I’m telling the truth, because I can ‘cure’ or ‘heal’ lots of problems caused by this phenomenon in the short term.

When I heard about the teenage suicide wave I suspected it was caused by those entities having entered the youngsters.  These entities are to be found above, around and in the body. They are truly evil and are causing all kinds of highly dramatic situations.

Because I can perceive the subconscious mind as well as those entities, I have been able to witness that a great deal of problematic situations are caused by those entities. For quite some time now I have been treating people for complaints brought about by them.  I am able to remove and destroy the entities hence making the problems disappear.

To people feeling desperate and seeing no way out and who are considering suicide, or to people feeling a compulsion to commit suicide, or to people thinking their problems can’t be solved: there actually is a solution.

It is possible to apply the self-help-treatment making use of my energies. Distance treatment can be requested, but this has to be paid for.
At least try the self treatment, plenty of people have managed to get back on their feet by this means alone. One should ask: “Linda, send me energy and deliver me of the entities causing …”. http://newpersonalityandlife.com/self-treatment

A recent example of a tragedy caused by these entites:

A boy who shot 15 people in a school was completely normal.  I  have seen the boy on television when he was being chases by the police after the shooting and before he shot himself dead.  He was controlled by entities who have forced him to commit the murders and to kill himself.  I could only feel the utmost compassion for this boy.



Another mysterious phenomenon caused by these entities.  A boy named Calvino Inman is bleeding from his eyes.

Calvino Inman cries tears of blood