Energetic therapist

Energetic therapist and energetic therapist training

Linda Evans is an energetic therapist and she developed an energetic therapy called NPL healing. With this therapy people are exclusively treated from a distance. Some people are simultaneously treated for various issues. Other energetic therapists work with techniques like reiki, healing and the like. With these techniques energy from the cosmos or the therapist’s own energies are used.
Linda Evans works with her own energies. NPL healing is a technique in with the therapist works with his or her own energies.

The powers of an energetic NPL therapist can be increasingly augmented as the NPL therapist keeps on treating himself so as to evolve himself as well as to continually boost his own powers. The therapist can treat himself from a distance with NPL healing simultaneously with his or her clients.

An energetic NPL therapist who’s reached a high level can remedy thousands of issues in people which can’t be resolved this far. Reaching a high level is only possible in the long run and the training implies a pupil having to undergo NPL healing for 5 to 10 years continuously as well as learning some techniques. Subsequently the therapist needs to work on himself with the level he’s reached all his life, in order to continually increase the level.

For more information about the NPL energetic therapy training, you can visit: http://newpersonalityandlife.com/training-in-NPL-therapy

On this website you can find plenty of information about NPL healing. There’s also a book and some filmed example treatments.  There’s also a free self-help technique whereby you can work with energies of the energetic NPL therapist, in this case Linda Evans’s energies. You can apply this method to break down blockages in yourself and in others. Please read the information relating to this under Self-treatment on this website.