Energy healing training

Healing is also called energy healing.  There are many different types of energy healing, such as Reiki, chakra healing, spiritual healing, Shamanic healing, chrystal healing, angel healing, intuitive healing, … It is also possible to be trained in every one of these healing techniques. These healing training courses involve acquiring some techniques.

NPL energy healing is a very powerful form of healing since almost any problem we may face, can be solved by it, in the shorter or longer term. “NPL healing” is a psychic distance therapy developed by Linda Evans (The Netherlands).

The NPL healing training is different from any other energy healing course, because it is only possible to become an NPL energy healer by undergoing years of NPL distance therapy by a high level NPL healing therapist (or NPL healer). The NPL healer has unique and powerful psychic abilities that allow him or her to perceive the subconscious mind and to destroy subconscious patterns (or blockages) from a distance. Someone can only become an NPL healer when the patterns that prevent psychic abilities are lifted. This takes years of NPL distance treatment. However, this energy healing training is certainly worth the effort, because an NPL healer can cure almost any problem other people (or yourself) might have.

What are the exceptional psychic abilities of an NPL healer?

- being able to perceive the subconscious mind around man and animal. This is not the aura. The subconscious mind consists of energies, patterns, subsouls, fabricated entities, souls, implanted black magic;
– being able to perceive patterns of disease, which contain the chemical processes involved in disease.
– being able to treat several people at once from a distance, this means: being able to destroy patterns, fabricated entities, black magic, attached souls.
– being able to treat various problems per treated person at the same time. Being able to break huge chunks of pattern per unit of time.
– being able to crush very deep layers of patterns, that have been building up since 10 to the power of 1 billion years ago.

It is the view of NPL that the soul has been existing for an eternity, that it has always existed, it was not created by a god and has been in existence for much longer than the existence of the universe and it is trapped in an evil programme (the subconscious mind) which is the cause of reincarnation and eternal repetition of about the same things, life after life (history repeats itself).

The view of NPL is very different from existing views, but the evidence of the truth of this theory is provided by the example treatments. These are treatments of real people who have been successfully cured of many problems that couldn’t be solved by any other technique. NPL can always help, in the short or longer term.

Apart from the distance treatment, a number of hours for personal training are also required for learning techniques, like in healing courses for other energy healing techniques.

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