Absent healing

Absent healing is a kind of healing in which the people who are treated are not present with the healer or therapist in person. This is also called remote healing or distance healing. Healing is curing people in a psychic way, also called psychic healing. Psychic means that the healer makes use of his or her extrasensory abilities to cure people.

NPL healing (New Personality and Life) is a very special and effective form of absent healing developed by Linda Evans. Many problems for which there was no solution before can be remedied by NPL. But above all, NPL personal development is a technique for personal growth, for people who want to fundamentally improve their personality and to release all possible talents and abilities.

NPL absent healing is based on a fundamentally new view on man and on misery in the world. There is an invisible world which has a tremendous impact on the nature of man, his health, abilities, circumstances and events in life. This invisible, but very real world, is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is not located in the brain but in and around the human and animal body. Extensive information on this new theory that renders an explanation for our existence can be found on NPL book.

NPL absent healing is a healing technique in which the negative part of the subconscious mind, which is responsible for all misery in the world, is broken down. There are millions of programmes in the subconscious mind that are responsible for all psychological problems and many diseases, negative life circumstances and events, lack of talents, lack of love, lack of success.

These negative subconscious programmes are destroyed entirely in NPL absent healing as a result of which many diseases and all psychological problems, talents can be released, intelligence can be increased, negative life situations can be changed and the course of life can fundamentally change for the better.

These subconscious programmes are broken down from a distance little by little in NPL absent healing. The subconscious mind also has a positive part: the energies. These are responsible for everything positive in life: love, success, talents, good health, luck, affluence, positive life circumstances, and also psychic abilities. The psychic abilities that enable an NPL therapist to perceive the subconscious mind and to break down the negative programmes from a distance in NPL absent healing, are also due to energies that are free in him or her and that are blocked by the programme in others in whom these talents are lacking.

Psychic therapy can be asked for by the NPL therapist Linda evans for the purpose of personal growth or for a problem to be remedied. Apart from this there is also a free version of NPL absent healing: the self help treatment. When someone thinks of Linda evans in a concentrated way and asks: “Linda, send me energy”, then her energies move towards this person and break down the subconscious programme, little by little. It’s possible to be freed from problems in this way as well. More information on the self help treatment can be found on NPL self help treatment.