Alternative medicine

NPL personal and spiritual growth’, an alternative medicine. Developed by Linda Evans.

The first goal of NPL healing is to refine the personality. This means removing psychological problems and significantly improving the structure of the character and behaviour. This is personal growth. NPL healing also aims to free the soul (that is situated in the body) from the eternal cycle of reincarnation and from millions of suppressing subconscious programmes, releasing all suppressed capacities inherent to the soul. This means bringing the soul back to its original state. This is spiritual growth.

Apart from that, NPL healing can cure numerous diseases and physical symptoms. Diseases that result from micro-organisms or genetic disorders can’t be cured by NPL healing. Injuries can’t be cured either.  NPL healing is an alternative medicine that can intervene in numerous diseases and (chronic) physical symptoms that couldn’t be solved before.

Diseases/symptoms that aren’t the result of micro-organisms, genes, environmental factors are the result of subconscious programmes and are therefore psychosomatic.

The majority of physical problems are in fact psychosomatic and conventional medicine can’t do much about these symptoms. Medicines can be administered in order to alleviate the symptoms. They also have side effects, but they can’t cure the majority of the diseases/physical symptoms. Conventional medicine doesn’t know the cause of numerous diseases/symptoms either.

Existing complementary therapies can improve or cure a number of symptoms. Nevertheless, there are numerous diseases and physical problems that can’t be cured by complementary therapies either. These therapies don’t have access to the cause of a disease, which is located in the subconscious mind.

Since NPL healing can access the subconscious mind and therefore the cause of physical problems, it can cure numerous so far incurable diseases/symptoms.

NPL healing can remove the cause of a disease or of a physical complaint from the subconscious mind. Many diseases are caused by programmes or ‘patterns’ that are present in and around man in the form of a subtle matter. This light matter is part of the subconscious mind. As soon as the patterns are removed, a disease is cured permanently.

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Read the book A new view on man, the subconscious mind and misery in the world’.

NPL Personal and spiritual growth is a special complementary therapy.