Distance healing – NPL distance therapy

“NPL distance healing” is a special and unique kind of distance treatment developed by Linda Evans (the Netherlands). It is unique since it can cure many problems for which there was no solution so far.

Distance healing, distance treatment, remote healing, energy healing, absent healing, energetic healing, spiritual healing and even more terms, are all expressions that have the same meaning, which is: curing people or freeing them from problems in a psychic way, from a distance. A psychic or spiritual healer/therapist has psychic abilities or extrasensory perception or uses the energy of the universe or another person. These psychic abilities are the tools a psychic healer uses to free people of physical, emotional, psychological or other problems.

“NPL distance healing” can cure many problems for which there was no solution so far. Sometimes, over-zealous therapists claim their therapies to do the same, but then their method doesn’t always live up to the expectations it raises. Therefore some example treatments that prove the claims of NPL, are presented on this website in order to illustrate that NPL distance healing can rise to the expectations it sets and fulfill all of its promises. The effectiveness of NPL can be watched on NPL example treatments.

Despite the fact that lots of problems can be solved by the NPL distance treatment, this is not the ultimate goal of this healing. NPL is above all intended for people looking for in-depth self development or personal growth, by which we mean refining the personality, becoming a better and more able person, developing all kinds of abilities and talents, increasing the intelligence, …

Nevertheless, all kinds of problems can be resolved by NPL distance healing. It can remedy all psychological problems, many diseases, unfavourable life circumstances, negative events in life, problems concerning intelligence, talents, abilities.

A fundamental new view on man and on misery in the world underlies NPL long distance healing. It is the view of NPL that man is a soul in a body who is trapped in an eternal cycle of reincarnation and in a negative programme (the negative part of the subconscious mind) that is the cause of misery in the world. An NPL distance healer can perceive the millions of negative “programmes” that constitute the programme and destroy them with NPL distance healing. NPL believes that the subconscious mind is not located in the brain, but in and around the human and animal body. The aim of NPL is to be freed entirely of this negative programme. For more information on the philosophy behind NPL go to NPL book: “Man and animal, victims of their subsonscious mind, and the way to freedom.

NPL believes that each problem a person has, is caused by a separate programme that can be removed with NPL distance treatment as a result of which the problem will disappear once and for all.

An NPL distance therapist has psychic abilities that allow him to perceive the subconscious mind of people from a distance and to break down the ‘programmes’ or ‘patterns’, also from a distance. Someone who masters the NPL distance healing technique makes use of his psychic abilities that are the result of subconscious ‘energies’. Energies are the positive part of the subconscious mind. They are responsible for anything positive in life. When someone is healthy, intelligent, has a nice personality, has good fortune, is successful, talented, rich, when there is love in his life, … then this is due to the presence of energies and the absence of patterns.

Since NPL distance treatment can remove the subconscious programmes or blockages whereby energies that were buried underneath are released, the treated person will become healthy, intelligent, successful, …

Moreover there is a self-help treatment in which someone can work with the energies of an NPL psychic healer all by himself, also from a distance. More information on how to use the energies of the psychic healer Linda Evans in order to break your subconscious programmes, can be found on NPL self-help treatment.