Energetic healing

Energetic therapy is a kind of healing in which ‘energy’ is used to make a person healthy or to end or improve a bad situation or a painful emotion without using medicines or other physical methods, but by using some kind of energy, often from a distance. Different kinds of energy are being used in various therapies. For example, reiki is a form of healing whereby energy from the cosmos is used. Other forms of energetic healing occur with the energies of a psychic healer. NPL healing is such a healing.

NPL healing is a unique absent healing therapy developed by Linda Evans since many problems for which there was no solution before, can be remedied by this therapy. The idea of distance therapy may sound strange to some people but many people testify that they have been relieved of problems that couldn’t be cured by any other therapy and that NPL energetic healing has done the trick. Example treatments can be found on NPL example treatments. NPL healing can cure all psychological conditions, many diseases, it can significantly improve personality, improve health, give a positive turn to the course of life and increase a person’s ability and talent.

NPL energetic healing can really generate unique results. Moreover it is based on a fundamentally new view on man and on the subconscious mind. It is the view of NPL that everything in our life is determined entirely by the subconscious mind: our personality, health, life circumstances, events in life, our abilities and talents. This subconscious mind is not located in the brain but in and around the human (and animal) body in the form of a subtle matter. Someone who masters NPL energetic healing can perceive this subconscious mind and can change it for the better, as a result of which every area of life that is worked upon with NPL  (health, talents, life circumstances, personality, events in life) will fundamentally change for the better.

The subconscious mind consists of a positive and of a negative part. The negative part or the ‘programme’ is the cause of misery in the world and can be broken down by NPL energetic healing. This programme consist of millions of programmes that generate bad health, unfavourable life circumstances, poor health, egoism, lack of love, lack of success, unfavourable personality traits, lack of intelligence, lack of talents and that also keep the soul trapped in an eternal reincarnation cycle.  Those programmes are destroyed in NPL energetic healing.

An NPL psychic healer can break down those the subconscious blockages or programmes to the root. The purpose of NPL healing is to free the soul of all subconscious programmes and to return to our original, divine state. Extensive information about the philosophy of this special therapy can be found on NPL book: “Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom.

There is also the NPL energetic healing self treatment. It is possible to make use of the energies of an NPL psychic healer to remove subconscious programmes by oneself. For more information on this free psychic therapy, you can go to NPL self treatment.