Energy healers

Energy healers are people who try to heal others without making use of physical techniques or medication. Sometimes they perform their healing techniques from a distance, in which case this is also called remote healing, distant healing, distance healing or absent healing. Some energy healers have psychic abilities they make use of to apply their healing technique, therefore they are called psychic healers.

NPL healing is a remote healing technique developed by Linda Evans (the Netherlands). It is also a psychic healing technique since she uses her extrasensory perception and psychic powers to perform the healing. An NPL energy healer can cure many physical and all mental problems as well as fundamentally change every aspect of your life for the better regarding health, personality, talents and abilities and situations in life.

NPL is based upon an entirely new view on man and on the subconscious mind. This subconscious mind can be perceived by an NPL energy healer in the form of a light matter in and around the human and animal body. It is also the view of NPL that man (and animal) is a soul in a body that is captured in an eternal cycle of reincarnation.

NPL energy healers can perceive the subconscious mind and also act on in, from a distance. This subconscious mind consists of a positive and a negative part. The negative part or ‘the programme’ consists of millions of ‘programmes’ or ‘patterns’ or ‘blockages’. They are responsible for all kinds of problems and for the eternal reincarnation cycle. NPL energy healers can distinguish these blockages from a distance and break them down as a result of which the problems will disappear.

Although NPL psychic therapy can cure all kinds of problems, this is not what this amazing technique performed by NPL energy healers is meant for. The purpose of NPL remote healing  is to completely destroy the programme as a result of which the soul will be released from the cycle of reincarnation and regain all its capacities. This could be called a divine state.

NPL energy healing is performed by Linda Evans from a distance, but it’s also possible to make use of the energies that surrounds an NPL energy healer all by yourself in order to break down blockages. This is called the self treatment. When someone thinks of Linda Evans, the energies that surround her, will move towards this person and break down patterns. The energies of NPL energy healers can be used to break down patterns in oneself or in others. More information on how and why this works and how to go about can be found on NPL self treatment.