Energy healing

Energy healing is a technique to treat all kinds of emotional, mental and physical problems as well as to end bad situations by making use of ‘energies’. Healing sometimes happens from a distance, hence it is also referred to as distant healing, distance healing, remote healing or absent healing. In some cases the energy healing technique is applied by a therapist who has got psychic abilities that are used to cure people. Then he or she is also called a psychic healer.

NPL Personal Growth is a unique energy healing technique developed by Linda Evans. It is unique since many diseases and all psychological, mental and emotional problems can be cured by it. Yet, above all, the NPL healing is a technique for self development.

This extraordinary energy healing method can fundamentally change your life for the better in every way imaginable. Personality, talents and abilities, intelligence, health can be significantly enhanced by NPL energy healing, circumstances and events in life can be significantly changed for the better, love and success can become part of your life.

How is this possible? Linda Evans discovered the mechanism behind both misery and good fortune in life and she developed an energy healing technique that can act on it as a result almost every aspect of life can fundamentally change for the better. The answer is to be found in the subconscious mind. This subconscious mind is situated in and around the human and animal body and can be acted upon with NPL energy healing. It consists of millions of negative programmes or ‘blockages’ or ‘patterns’, every single one of which is the cause of one specific problem regarding health, personality, abilities and talents or circumstances and events in life.

Someone who masters NPL energy healing can perceive these programmes in the form of a subtle matter – from a distance – and destroy them. Everything happens from a distance. As a result the problems triggered by it, will disappear once and for all. The positive part of the subconscious mind are the ‘energies’. Someone who masters NPL energy healing has the energies to perceive and to break down the subconscious patterns, but these are not the only energies. Everything positive in life is the result of energies: good health, favourable personality traits, talents and abilities, favourable circumstances in life. When the patterns are broken down in NPL energy healing, the energies that are hidden under them, will be released. As a result every aspect of life will significantly change for the better.

Although numerous problems can be solved in NPL energy healing, this extraordinary healing technique above all aims to free the soul from the entire programme as a result of which it will regain all of its potential and it will be freed from the cycle of reincarnation. More information about the philosophy behind this amazing energy healing technique can be found on NPL book: “Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom.

The NPL healing is performed by Linda Evans, from a distance. Yet there is also a free self help option. It is possible to make use of the energies that surround Linda Evans by yourself in order to break down blockages in yourself or in others. More information on this free version of NPL energy healing: click on NPL self treatment.