Healing therapist

A healing therapist is a person who tries to heal people without using ordinary medicines. Some healing therapists (or simply ‘healers’) have psychic abilities, this means they have a sixth sense with which they can perceive things that can’t be perceived with our normal senses. They use these psychic abilities to heal people.  Other healing therapists use energies from the cosmos or from another human being.

Linda Evans is a healing therapist and she has developed a psychic healing therapy, the NPL method, on the basis of her psychic abilities. She discovered an entire new world due to these talents. This world is the subconscious mind that is located in and around man and animal in the form of a subtle matter.

Linda Evans discovered that this subconscious mind completely determines our entire existence and is responsible for all misery in the world. There are negative programmes in this subconscious mind that are the cause of most problems concerning health, and all problems concerning personality, life circumstances, events in life, capabilities. These programmes can be destroyed from a distance by an NPL healing therapist. This is what is done in NPL healing.

The subconscious mind has a tremendous impact on our lives. It determines human nature, our abilities, health, the circumstances in which we live, the events in our life for almost 100%. This invisible world can be perceived by an NPL healing therapist like Linda Evans. More about this invisible, but very real world and the philosophy of NPL healing can be found on NPL book: “Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom”.

NPL healing can heal people from a distance. This may sound strange or unbelievable and the things a healing therapist can achieve are sometimes regarded as swindle or placebo effect. Therefore Linda Evans has presented some example treatments on the internet in order to substantiate the claims she makes about the NPL psychic treatment. These can be watched on NPL filmed treatments.

How does this healing exactly work? The NPL healing therapist can perceive the subconscious programmes that are causing all kinds of problems from a distance and he can break down this programme little by little by using his own energies. When the programmes responsible for a certain problem have been completely removed, the problem will forever be gone.

The psychic healing applied by the NPL healing therapist can free people of all kinds of problems, but it can also entirely change your life for the better and turn you into an extraordinary person. The ultimate purpose of NPL is to fundamentally improve the nature of man. NPL can change anyone into a better, more able, more intelligent, more successful, more loving, happier, healthier, … person.

There is also a self help option of NPL healing whereby the healing therapist’s energies can be used to break down programmes. Everyone can apply this self help treatment on one’s own. More information about how to go about with this self treatment can be found on NPL self treatment.