Holistic NPL therapy

Holistic therapy NPL

Get acquainted with the holistic NPL healing. NPL is a holistic approach since the entire person is treated. NPL can cure someone completely, in every way possible: physically, psychologically, but also regarding life events and circumstances and talents. NPL can heal someone, make him ‘whole’ again. This is also the meaning of ‘holistic’, for it is derived from the word ‘whole’.

Energetic distance therapy

NPL is not only a holistic therapy, it’s an energetic, psychic distance therapy developed by Linda Evans. She has exceptional psychic abilities that allow her to perceive the subconscious mind around man and animal (also from a distance) and moreover, she is able to work on this subconscious mind. She has been able to establish that this subconscious mind determines our entire life. It consists of energies (the positive part) and patterns (the negative part). The energies are responsible for everything that is going well in our lives regarding health, life circumstances, talents, personality characteristics, abilities and talents. The holistic NPL healing can release these energies in everyone, as a result of which man becomes ‘whole’ once again. This happens by breaking down patterns in the subconscious mind. Everything that is negative in life originates from the subconscious mind. Linda Evans can identify and destroy the subconscious patterns that are responsible for a certain problem. When the patterns that caused a problem are no longer present in the subconscious mind, someone will be completely and permanently released from this problem.

You can read the book on NPL in which the view behind NPL is explained for free.

A new view on man

NPL is based on a new view on man. It is the view of NPL that man and animal are captured in an evil programme (the patterns) that keep them prisoner in an eternal cycle of reincarnation and in eternal suffering. However, NPL can break down this programme entirely, bringing back man and animal once again to their original divine state. However, this is something that can’t be realized just like that, in a few years’ time.

NPL is a holistic therapy that can make man ‘whole’ in any way possible, but this is a lifetime’s work.

In order to show that her therapy actually works, and that her theory about man and the subconscious mind are not based on thin air, Linda Evans is presenting example treatments on her website that show what can be achieved thanks to this therapy. People who have been dealing for years with psychological or health problems, problems related to talents, life circumstances and events in life, testify that the holistic NPL healing resolved these problems, which no single other technique succeeded in.