NPL alternative healing

“NPL alternative remote healing” applies absent healing of long distance healing.  This means that people are treated from a distance, whilst they are not present with the therapist ‘in person’. Healing means ending bad health or negative emotions or negative situations without making use of medicines or physical techniques. This kind of healing is also sometimes called energetic healing or spirituality healing.

NPL alternative healing is a form of healing in which a therapist makes use of his or her own energies to break down patterns or blockages in the subconscious mind. NPL healing is developed by Linda Evans. She has psychic abilities and she can perceive the subconscious mind around man and animal – from a distance – in the form of a subtle matter that can be acted upon in NPL long distance healing.

There is a negative and a positive part of the subconscious mind. The negative part, the ‘programme’ can be broken down in NPL. It consists of millions of negative ‘programmes’ or ‘patterns’ that can be removed in NPL alternative healing. These patterns are the cause of all kinds of physical and psychological problems, negative character traits, as well as negative life circumstances, negative events in life, lack of talents, lack of intelligence, lack of love, lack of success, … lack of everything that is undesirable in life.

NPL is also based upon a fundamentally new view on man. It is the view of NPL that man is a soul in a body that is caught in an eternal reincarnation cycle and in a negative programme that is the origin of everything that goes wrong in life.  The ultimate goal of NPL healing is to be freed from the entire programme, this means all negative programmes as a result of which we can return to our original, divine state. More information about the philosophy of NPL healing can be found on NPL book: “Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom”.

A therapist who masters NPL alternative healing breaks down these negative programmes from a distance, as a result of which the problems they generated will forever and completely disappear. There are some example treatments that prove the effectiveness of the NPL remote healing technique. They can be found on NPL example treatments.

It’s also possible to make use of the energies that surround an NPL psychic healer to break down patterns by oneself – for free! This can be done to help yourself or someone else. For more information about this free long distance healing technique, go to NPL self treatment.

NPL healing is a very powerful technique that can cure numerous problems for which there was no solution before, neither in traditional medicine nor in other alternative techniques. It can fundamentally and permanently change your life for the better, make you a better, happier, healthier, more intelligent, more able, more talented, more loving, more successful person who gets everything from life that he desires. NPL alternative healing can truly deliver everything it promises, it is the best present you can give yourself, everything you could ever wish for and so much more.