Psychic healing

Psychic therapy or psychic healing means curing people by using other techniques than medication or physical methods used in conventional medicine. Psychic healers make use of their psychic abilities. This means they have a sixth sense or some other form of extrasensory perception, something most people don’t have. Energetic healing, distance healing, remote healing, energy healing, absent healing are other names for psychic healing since they also involve paranormal abilities.

NPL healing is a very special and effective psychic distance therapy developed by Linda Evans (the Netherlands). All psychological conditions and many physical symptoms that can’t be cured by conventional medicine, can be cured by NPL. There are some example treatments that can be watched on this website that illustrate what can be achieved in NPL psychic therapy. People treated with NPL tell about the progress of the treatment and the changes they experience in various aspects of their life and health as a result of the treatment. More information: NPL example treatments.

NPL healing can cure dozens of physical and all mental problems, it can also permanently and profoundly change negative life circumstances for the better. NPL psychic healing can fundamentally change our life conditions, bring success and love into our lives and it can render new talents and improve the ones we already had. This may sound like a fairy tale, but it isn’t. Lots of people testify about the results with NPL healing that completely changed their lives and that made their life fundamentally better in many ways.

Linda Evans developed NPL psychic healing on the basis of her psychic abilities. She discovered she can perceive the subconscious mind in and around the human body in the form of a subtle matter. This subconscious mind contains numerous ‘patterns’ or ‘blockages’ or ‘programmes’ that are the cause of all misery and suffering in life, i.e. personality problems, health problems, lack of talents, intelligence, negative life circumstances and negative events in life.

An NPL psychic healer can perceive those patterns from a distance and destroy them (also from a distance). Each separate pattern is the cause of one specific problem. When a pattern is destroyed, the problem(s) it has caused will completely and forever be over. More NPL psychic healers can be trained by means of NPL training.

NPL healing is based upon a completely new view on man, the origin of suffering and the subconscious mind. NPL psychic healing is based upon the view that man is a soul in a body that is caught in an eternal cycle of reincarnation. NPL healing is a way to be freed from this cycle, as well as from all suffering (in the long term). The entire NPL philosophy can be read on NPL book: “Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom”.

There is also a self treatment that can be applied from a distance whereby the energies that surround an NPL psychic healer can be made use of (for free) to break subconscious patterns in yourself. Lots of people obtain good results with this technique. More information on this free psychic therapy can be found on NPL self treatment.