Spiritual healers

Spiritual healers are people who cure people (mentally and/or physically) without making use of medication or physical techniques. Some healers have psychic abilities that they make use of, as for example in energy healing, distance healing. NPL healing developed by Linda Evans is a special form of spiritual healing.

The purpose of spiritual healing is not only to cure the body, but also the soul. This is also what spiritual healers who master NPL healing are engaged in. NPL healing is the ultimate therapy to free your soul of all the negative blockages or ‘programmes’. NPL is based on a unique philosophy, namely that the soul is caught in a negative programme that is the cause of all suffering in the world as well as the reincarnation cycle. You can read more about this remarkable theory in the work written by Linda Evans on NPL book: “Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom.

A spiritual healer who applies NPL remote healing can cure people of all psychological problems and many diseases that traditional medicine is unable to remedy or explain. Apart from that NPL healing can also give a positive turn to your life like nothing ever before. It can significantly enhance your personality, increase your intelligence, bring (more) love and success into your life, render new talents and abilities or improve the existing ones. A spiritual healer trained in the NPL technique can completely change most areas of your life for the better.

Why is “NPL healing” unique? NPL healing is based upon a radically new view on man and on the subconscious mind. It is the view of NPL that the subconscious mind is located in a light, invisible matter in and around the human body. It can be perceived by an NPL spiritual healer. There is a positive and a negative part in this subconscious mind. The negative part or ‘the programme’ consists of millions of negative programmes that are the cause of poor health, personality problems, misfortune, shortage of money, lack of love, negative life circumstances and negative events in life. NPL spiritual healers can perceive these programmes, also from a distance, and can break them down little by little by way of their own energies. Every single programme is the cause of one specific problem. When a programme or ‘pattern’ is completely destroyed by the NPL technique, the problem it caused will forever be gone.

NPL distance healing can be performed by Linda Evans, but there is also a free self help treatment in which you can make use of her energies in order to break down blockages or programmes in your subconscious mind by oneself  – for free. For more information as well as a detailed explanation how this can be done, please go to NPL self treatment.