Spiritual healing

NPL spiritual healing is a technique to significantly enhance health, personality, life circumstances, talents and abilities and bring about success and love in life. NPL distance healing is unique since numerous problems that can’t be remedied by any other conventional or complementary technique can be solved by NPL spiritual healing.

The NPL technique was developed by Linda Evans (the Netherlands). She has got psychic abilities that lead her to certain discoveries concerning the cause of misery in life and the subconscious mind. NPL spiritual healing is the name of the wonderful distance healing technique based on these discoveries. Linda Evans discovered she is able to perceive the subconscious mind in and around man and animal and act on it. That is what she does in NPL spiritual healing.

The subconscious mind consists of a positive and a negative part. The negative part or ‘the programme’ is the cause of misery in the world. The positive part or the ‘energies’ are the cause of everything positive in life. NPL spiritual healing can strongly impact on the subconscious mind and in doing so bring about positive changes in life like nothing else before. The programme consists of millions of negative programmes, also called patterns or blockages, which can be broken down in NPL spiritual healing.

Each pattern is the cause of something negative in life regarding health, personality, life situations, talents and abilities. Every energy is the cause of something positive in one of these areas. Once a pattern has been broken down in NPL spiritual healing the problem it caused will forever disappear.

Although numerous problems can be resolved in NPL, this is not the primary aim of this amazing healing. NPL primarily aims to break down the entire programme and to free the soul from all the patterns. This is what NPL spiritual healing is meant for.  When patterns are broken down, energies that were buried under them will be released.

If we were free from the programme, there would be no suffering in any way, this could be called a divine state. NPL spiritual healing is a very powerful technique that can bring us back to the loving, talented, happy, extraordinary creatures we once were. NPL stands for the release of the soul from the programme. As a result we will obtain the right truth, instead of the truth dictated by the patterns and we will again have all our original abilities. More information on NPL spiritual healing can be found in this free book written by Linda Evans: NPL book: “Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom”

NPL healing is performed by Linda Evans from a distance, but there is also a free self treatment. It is possible to make use of the energies used in NPL spiritual healing all by yourself. These energies surround Linda Evans and she can direct them – from a distance – to the subconscious mind of the people she treats in order to break down blockages. This is what happens in NPL spiritual healing. However, when someone thinks of Linda Evans, her energies move towards this person and also break down blockages. This is called the self-treatment. More information on this free self help version can be found on NPL self treatment.