Spirituality healing

Spirituality healing or energy healing is a form of healing in which someone is cured in a psychic way, this means without making use of medicines or other physical methods. NPL healing is a kind of spirituality healing. The psychic healer Linda Evans developed NPL healing and makes use of her own ‘energies’ to treat people from a distance.

NPL spirituality healing is a very effective healing for all kinds of problems. NPL remote healing can permanently free people of all psychological problems and of many diseases that can’t be cured by traditional medicine and/or that conventional medicine can’t explain. However, NPL is first and foremost a technique for self development that can fundamentally change every aspect of life for the better like nothing ever before.

NPL spiritual healing is a very special technique since it change the subconscious mind, the origin of all problems concerning personality, negative life situations, negative circumstances in life, lack of success, lack of intelligence, lack of talents. The subconscious mind can be perceived by someone who masters the NPL technique. The negative part of the subconscious mind or the ‘programmes’ are responsible for all the above mentioned problems and they can be removed in NPL spirituality healing.

There are millions of ‘programmes’ or blockages in the subconscious mind and each separate programme is the cause of one specific problem regarding personality, health, talents, circumstances or events in life. All the programmes together constitute the ‘programme’. More information on the NPL philosophy can be found on NPL book: “Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom”.

Someone who masters NPL spirituality healing can perceive this programme in and around the human and animal body in the form of a light, subtle matter – the subconscious mind is not situated in the brain. An NPL therapist can break down these programmes little by little by way of his/her own ‘energies’ – from a distance. When a programme is destroyed, the problems that were caused by it also completely disappear.

NPL spiritual healing is based upon a totally new view on man and on life as we know it. It is the view of NPL that man is a soul in a body that is caught in an eternal cycle of reincarnation as a result of the programme. This programme is the cause of all suffering in the world. NPL healing therefore not only aims to free people from all kinds of problems, but in the long term NPL spirituality healing can fundamentally change the nature of man, free us of reincarnation and bring us back to our original, divine state when we still had our full potential and all of our capabilities.

The programme suppresses most of the intelligence, talents, love, success, fortune, luck, happiness, … we once had, when we weren’t in the programme. Therefore NPL spiritual healing can make our life fundamentally better and that is the major aim of this therapy.

There is also a free self help treatment in NPL healing. It is possible to make use of the energies of the NPL therapist Linda Evans to break down blockages or programmes in your subconscious mind. Problems can also be solved in this way. More information on this free, but effective self treatment can be found on NPL self treatment.