Example treatments

All kinds of problems and complaints (depression, anxiety, compulsion, phobias, stuttering, psoriasis, bulimia, anorexia, narcissism, selfishness, studying problems, pedophilia, psychoses, schizophrenia, autism, obesity, diseases, pain, having lots of setbacks, …) can be solved with NPL distance treatment.

Have a look at the example treatments, where real people testified about the unique results with NPL healing. Some people testify on short videos about their problems at the start of the treatment, and about the results obtained in the course of the treatment. The recording of the video was done by the candidates themselves, by webcam or camera.

These people were willing to reveal their identity as well as his place of residence and they agreed to have a list of all of his problem issues to be posted on the internet as well as a written report of their results with the treatment.

We have tried to make sure that the report of the treatment can’t be found in the search engines when entering their name.

The treatments sometimes took a few years. So,  some effort on the part of the treated people was required for a long period of time.
Similar to the treatment that has to be paid for, a questionnaire had to be filled in at the start an in the course of the treatment. The candidates had to be alert to changes. After some time the candidate were asked to keep a diary. On regular moments the questionnaire was checked in order to evaluate the results that are obtained.
Someone who applied as a candidate was asked to fill in the questionnaire. Then a test treatment from a distance was carried out. If there weren’t any results after the test treatment, that meant they belonged to the ‘slow group’ and then the free treatment wasn’t possible.