Improving confidence

NPL healing is a unique and very effective technique for improving confidence and improving the personality in every way possible.  It is based on new discoveries concerning the subconscious mind. It was developed by Linda Evans. She has significant psychic abilities that enable her to perceive the subconscious mind in and around the human and animal body.

NPL is a method for improving confidence and the personality by breaking down blockages in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind consists of a positive and of a negative part. The positive part are the energies and the negative part is the programme. The programme consists of millions of negative patterns or blockages. NPL can boost confidence by breaking down the blockages that are the cause of lack of confidence. Every single pattern in the subconscious mind is the cause of one specific problem in life in the field of personality, health, life circumstances and situations, success or love. It is possible to improve your confidence significantly by breaking down the pattern(s) responsible for lack of confidence. By breaking the patterns, underlying energies that hold all kinds of qualities, like for example ‘confidence’, ‘empathy’, ‘love’, ‘affluence’, ‘mental strength’, … are released.

NPL is a very effective method for improving confidence since it removes the origin of every lack of confidence in the subconscious mind. When someone has lack of confidence, this is due to subconscious patterns like: ‘you are afraid of what people might think of you’, ‘you feel insecure around people’, ‘you don’t know what to say around people’ … It is possible to drastically improve confidence by removing these patterns from the subconscious mind. There are example treatments of real people who have been treated with NPL and who testify about the results in text and on film. There are people whose life has fundamentally changed for the better as a result of the NPL healing, and whose confidence has improved significantly due to NPL. Example treatments of real people who testify that NPL has solved all their problems and has fundamentally enhanced their lives can be found on NPL example treatments.

NPL is a great method for building confidence and self-esteem and resolving all kinds of other problems related to personality, health, and all kinds of problem in life, but this technique is above all intended for people who want to be freed from the entire programme and from the reincarnation cycle. So NPL can do much more for you than only improving confidence.  More information on the philosophy of NPL can be found in a free book. Click on A new view on man, the subconscious mind and misery in the world.

Improving your confidence is possible by receiving therapy from Linda Evans herself or by applying the so-called ‘self treatment’. Linda Evans treats people exclusively from a distance. The therapy can go ahead after a consult by telephone. However, it’s also possible to work with Linda’s psychic energies by yourself to break down blockages in yourself and in others and in doing so improve your confidence or improve any other aspect of your life and that of others.