Building confidence and self-esteem

There exists a new and effective technique for building confidence and self-esteem. NPL healing was developed by Linda Evans and is based on new discoveries concerning the origin of all emotional, psychological and personality problems as well as many diseases. It is the view of NPL that almost any problem we encounter in life finds its origin in the subconscious mind. This subconscious mind can be perceived by Linda Evans by way of her psychic abilities.

NPL is a great way for building self-confidence and self-esteem since this technique can totally eradicate the cause of insecurity and low self-esteem from the subconscious mind. There are millions of ‘programmes’ or ‘patterns’ in the subconscious mind, each of which is the cause of one specific problem in life. These programmes have a certain content that determines the behaviour of people (among other things). NPL is a powerful technique for building confidence and self-esteem, because it can completely remove these programmes from the subconscious mind. As a result the problem(s) that were caused by them, will totally and permanently disappear.

These patterns have a certain contents, for example: ‘you feel insecure around people’, ‘you can’t do it, you’re stupid, you’re inferior’, ‘you’re terrified of making mistakes’. NPL can build confidence and self-esteem by eliminating these patterns from the subconscious mind. Linda Evans can both perceive and destroy these subconscious programmes from a distance. This may seem strange, but many people testify about the remarkable and unique results of this therapy.. You can watch example treatments of people who confirm the results obtained in NPL healing for building confidence and self-esteem and for resolving all kinds of problems.

NPL healing is a unique therapy that can resolve all psychological and many health problems, but it can also change the course of life for the better, bring about new talents and abilities and enhance the existing ones. Although NPL is a great tool for building confidence and developing self-esteem, this therapy can do much more. The ultimate goal of NPL is to break down the whole of the patterns in the subconscious mind (which is called ‘the ‘programme’) and to free the soul from the cycle of reincarnation. You can read more about the NPL theory in the free book A new view on man, the subconscious mind and misery in the world’.

The NPL treatment happens exclusively from a distance. After a contact with Linda Evans by telephone or webcam, the treatment can go ahead. So you don’t need to travel to receive therapy. Apart from the therapy performed by Linda Evans herself, there is an alternative way to receive therapy for building self-confidence and self-esteem, or improve whatever aspect of your life – for free: the self-treatment. When someone thinks of Linda Evans, the energies surrounding her move towards this person and start to break down patterns. In this way, all kinds of problems can be solved as well.