Improving self confidence

NPL healing is the name of a powerful psychic technique for improving self confidence and changing every aspect of your life for the better. NPL is a distance therapy developed by Linda Evans. It is based on new discoveries concerning the origin of problems in life, misery in the world and the subconscious mind. Linda Evans discovered the subconscious mind is the almost unique factor that determines our whole personality (self-esteem, confidence among other things), our health, our view on life, the situations we encounter in life and our abilities. NPL is a method for improving self confidence and every part of life.

Linda Evans has considerable psychic abilities that enable her to perceive the subconscious mind in and around man. This subconscious mind consists of a positive and a negative part. The negative part are the ‘patterns’. They are responsible for psychological problems, poor health, negative circumstances in life and low ability. NPL can improve self confidence by acting on this subconscious mind since these patterns can be both perceived and broken down by Linda Evans. Consequently all the problems caused by it, will completely and forever cease to exist.

NPL healing is a distance treatment since the programmes can be broken down from a distance by Linda Evans. Improving self confidence with NPL is a powerful method that doesn’t require any effort or cooperation from your part. It is not important whether or not you are sceptical or think positive about the outcome. There are people who have been treated with NPL and who testify about the unique results of this therapy. They confirm that NPL has improved self confidence and brought about many other positive changes in their lives. To watch these, click on example treatments.

Although NPL can bring about many positive changes in life, this is not what this technique is ultimately meant for. Above all, NPL aims to free the soul of all the patterns or the entire ‘programme’. NPL can do much more than improving self confidence or improving self-esteem. This therapy is based on a totally new view on man. It is the view of NPL that man is a soul in a body captured in an evil programme that aims to keep the soul in an eternal cycle of reincarnation and to make the soul suffer.

NPL can release the soul from this programme. More information on this method for improving self confidence can be found in the free book A new view on man, the subconscious mind and misery in the world’.

Apart from the distance treatment performed by Linda Evans herself, there is a free version of this therapy: NPL self treatment. The energies that surround Linda Evans also move towards people who think of her in a concentrated way and thereby ask her for ‘energy’. This free technique also yields good results, as many people have already experienced.