Self esteem confidence

All self esteem and confidence problems can be permanently cured in the NPL healing. This therapy was developed by Linda Evans on the basis of her psychic abilities. NPL is based upon a totally new view on man and on the origin of all problems in life.

NPL states that lack of self esteem and confidence finds its origin in the subconscious mind. There are numerous programmes or ‘patterns’ in the subconscious mind, each and every one of which are responsible for a specific problem in life related to personality, health, life situations, talents. These programmes can be removed in the NPL healing.

When someone has low self esteem and lack of confidence, this is the result of specific patterns such as: ‘they will laugh at you’, ‘you have no value, the others are better than you’, ‘you can’t do it, you won’t succeed in what you do’, … Linda Evans can perceive these patterns in the subconscious mind and remove them (both from a distance). When these patterns are removed from the subconscious mind, the self esteem and confidence issues will cease to exist.

NPL is a very effective method for improving confidence because when the subconscious patterns causing the insecurity and lack of self-worth have disappeared from the subconscious mind, the problems will never again return. In this way NPL can turn the most insecure person into someone who is incredibly confident and who no longer knows the meaning of lack of self esteem or lack of confidence.

There are example treatments of people who have been treated with NPL and whose lives have fundamentally changed for the better as a result. People with personality problems, health problems, in whose lives everything went difficult, who lacked self-esteem and confidence testify how NPL has changed their lives completely. You can read and watch these testimonies on NPL example treatments.

Apart from the distance therapy, there is also a free self help version of this therapy with which you can tackle self-esteem and confidence issues as well. More information about this free healing to boost confidence and improve your life and how to apply it, can be read on NPL self treatment.

NPL is a wonderful technique to improve personality and every aspect of your life, but yet this is not the main aim of this amazing technique. NPL first and foremost aims to free the soul from all the patterns and from the reincarnation cycle. So NPL can do a lot more than simply solve self esteem and confidence problems. A soul that is free will again have the correct knowledge about reality and will again have all of the abilities it had before it ended up in the programme. More information on the unique philosophy of the NPL healing can be read in the free book A new view on man, the subconscious mind and the origin of misery in the world written by Linda Evans.