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18 September 2014;11:38 am

Josh, US

JC plaatje           …….  . //…..————————— ——————————————————– 
Josh isn’t successful in business, doesn’t find the right partner, is too much concerned with his appearance, is tired quickly, is anxious in the morning, tends to procrastinate …..







Video: Josh finds NPL distance healing on the internet

The treatment was initially planned to continue for a few years until all problems were solved, but after 3 months of healing, Josh was satisfied with the results and wanted to stop the treatment.  The treatment (excluding the test-treatment) took place from April 2012 to June 2012, with excellent results.

Josh summary
The purpose of this treatment was to improve numerous problems that take several years to  be solved, like for example improving the eyes, achieving success. However, after three months of therapy, Josh decided that

Josh problem issues
I am 29 years old.  I have a master’s degree in business and music.

Josh results
Below you'll find several accounts of the results of Josh with NPL healing.