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Update: we are currently no longer looking for people to be treated for free as an example treatment, as is mentioned in this text.

Hello, my name is Linda Evans.

I’m looking for candidates for my example treatments in which someone is treated for free in exchange for a detailed report of the treatment in which one’s identity is mentioned. The purpose of real example treatments is to show what can be achieved with NPL healing and how important this method is for the well-being of the world.

In my view, science has a very limited and incorrect view on man, the human psyche and talents, the cause of physical symptoms and diseases. It is looking for the cause of behaviour, health, ability, an aptitude for misfortune or happiness in the genes or in the brain.  However, science will never find it, because it is not to be found in the brain or in the genes, it is to be found in the subconscious mind which is located in and around man.

NPL healing can significantly improve man and can make an end to numerous problems and diseases.
Another text about this is Linda Evans is looking for candidates.
So, when you have a problem or a disease, you can contact me to find out if you qualify for an example treatment.  When you’re a medical doctor or a scientist, you can apply for a free example treatment for training in NPL healing.