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20 September 2014;3:54 am

Meta, The Netherlands

MB plaatje   _________________– ————
Meta is being treated for physical symptoms (eye migraine, bladder infections, allergies, back pain, itching, eczema, constipation, painful periods with heavy bleeding, vaginal discharge), eating binges, nail biting, fear of heights, depression, concentration problems, mood swings, difficult relationships with people, insecurity, …

Meta started with the self-treatment in October 2010, and she noticed that her eye migraine improved very rapidly. She also receive some distance healing. She worked with the self-treatment for two years and from September 2012 onwards, the example distance treatment started.

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Meta summary
Treatment for physical symptoms, improving concentration and intellectual capacities, depression, insecurity, having difficulty making contact with other people. In 2010, Meta came into contact with NPL when she was looking for

Meta problem issues
 Problem description, October 2010 .

Meta results
Here you can read the various results of Meta. Prior to the example treatment, Meta had both applied NPL self-treatment and she had received distance treatment performed by Linda Evans. Next the free healing as an example treatment started.