NPL therapy

It is possible to be trained in NPL therapy for private use, to help your own family and pets. This training doesn’t take as long as the NPL training aimed at working as an NPL therapist. Since when the therapy has to be paid for, the NPL therapist’s level has to be incredibly high, so that results can be achieved within a reasonable period of time. When you only want to treat your own family and pets, the hours don’t have to be paid for, and therefore, you can work as much and as long as you want. Therefore, your level doesn’t have to be very high. For that’s the difference between a high level NPL therapist and a low level NPL therapist. Someone who masters NPL therapy on a high level, has many more energies, which can also work on much deeper layers in the subconscious mind to break patterns. A lower level NPL therapist has fewer energies, which, as a result, can only break down smaller pieces of patterns and which can’t work as deeply in the subconscious mind as those of a high level therapist, as a result of which it takes longer to solve a problem or to reach any results whatsoever than when you have a high level therapist.

However, the NPL therapy training for personal use is very interesting. As soon as you have energies that can break down those patterns, you can start treating yourself, in order to increase your own level. Since this allows you to further break down your own patterns, and in doing so, free even more energies and/or energies that can work on even deeper layers.

I estimate that the NPL therapy training for personal use takes about three years, if you receive distance therapy given by Linda Evans at a pace of 100 hours a month. Unlike other therapist trainings, this training doesn’t involve education, but almost exclusively happens by breaking down patterns in the subconscious mind in order to free psychic abilities that are required to be able to perceive the subconscious mind around man and animal and to break down patterns. Apart from that, there are some techniques that have to be taught by Linda Evans.

The NPL therapy training, which takes about three years and which happens at a pace of 100 hours of distance therapy per month, then costs €1600 per month, which is about €57 600 in three years’ time.

Considering that someone who masters NPL therapy can solve about any problem that may occur in life, and at the same time, will feel much better by getting a lot of NPL distance therapy (which is needed to free the abilities that are required), and his life will run much better in every possible way, he will attract much more happiness, success and love, and on top of that he will also further develop existing talents and acquire new ones, this training is really the most valuable thing one can do in life.

Nothing in this world can compete with the ability to apply NPL therapy.