Oversexed men

Most men depend on sex in order to function normally. So women are fortunate in this respect. We all know the following joke: “Why do men give their penis a name? Because they don’t want a stranger to take 99% of their decisions”. It’s different when sex is experienced as something enjoyable that enriches life, or when sex is experienced as something one must have at any cost or otherwise one goes mad with tension.

My (Linda Evans) experience with the sexual desire of men is that they are glad to get somewhat more quiet with regard to sex. A 50 year old man told me he was relieved he had turned 50, because he didn’t have to chase around after women all the time anymore because he had become more quiet with regard to sex. It was a huge relief for this man. Over the course of time that I have been applying NPL healing, a number of men who had received healing for some or other problem, reported to me that they had calmed down with regard to sex. And – surprise, surprise – mentioning that they were very happy about that. Both about the fact that they were mentally less occupied with it and that they had a lower physical need for sex. I have also treated some men who came into healing for reducing their sexual desire for a couple of times, with good result.

I have too little experience with the phenomenon of a (too) high sexual appetite in order to assess whether this is always the result of ‘subconscious patterns’ or whether hormones or a hormonal disorder are involved in some men. I would have to find out in practice by treating more men with a (too) high sexual drive.

Subconscious patterns are programmes present in the subconscious mind and that steer the behaviour and that, in the case of being oversexed – partially or completely – cause an excessive urge for sex. It is the view of NPL that the subconscious mind is situated in and around a person in the form of a light matter. It consists of millions of patterns that can be destroyed. This is also the case for patterns that steer sexual behaviour. Perverse sexual behaviour is also caused by patterns and can be changed permanently by NPL healing.

The problem can be completely and permanently solved by destroying the patterns that cause someone to be oversexed or that bring about other sexual disorders or sexual problems. For information on NPL healing, you can read this website and the website on NPL Personal Development.