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22 September 2014;8:11 am

Personal growth

NPL, a new technique for personal growth with a very distinct view on the subconscious mind.

According to the insights of NPL Personal Growth man is a soul in a body and we are born with something surrounding us, called “a programme” (this is not the aura). This programme is made up of millions of “patterns”. Whereas many systems studying the behaviour of man believe that behaviour is innate and  hence hereditary or determined by childhood years or environmental circumstances, NPL argues that behaviour and circumstances are determined from birth and that negative aspects result from the programme surrounding us and that positive features are the result of energies surrounding us.

This programme (=the patterns) consists of five parts:

Personality: addictions, obsessions, envy, lack of confidence, …

Physical complaints: headache, sensitive skin, asthma, chronic fatigue, …

Circumstances: lack of money, not succeeding in finding friends or a partner, an unsuccessful business, frequent accidents, experiencing adversity, …

Abilities: clumsiness, lagging behind in school, being bad at sports, …

Behaviour on a global level: racism, avarice (greed for money), religion, …

People receiving treatment with NPL Personal Growth for an extended period of time, develop a nice personality, are able to give and receive more love, become successful, become more competent, feel good and are free of psychological and physical symptoms. Incurable soreheads become tolerant, depressed people regain appetite for life, partners tired of each other rediscover one another and learn to appreciate each other again, people suffering from fear of failure and feeling inferior learn to believe in themselves, an unsuccessful business or career starts to thrive. NPL is the ultimate therapy for improving personality.

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