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There is a pioneering, very powerful new technique to improve personality in every possible way as well as any other aspects of your life. NPL (New Personality and Life) is the name of a technique developed by Linda Evans that can profoundly change your personality as well as your health, your talents and the circumstances and events in your life for the better.

NPL healing can significantly improve personality since this technique can impact on the origin of our human nature. It is the view of NPL that the very person we are, including our personality, health, talents (or lack of them) is determined by the subconscious mind. Linda Evans has unique psychic abilities that allow her to perceive the subconscious mind and bring about changes in it. In this way NPL can greatly improve personality.

NPL is based upon the view that man is a soul in a body that is surrounded by the subconscious mind. There are numerous ‘patterns’ or programmes’ in the subconscious mind that are responsible for any problem we encounter in life. Any problem related to personality is the result of one or more of those subconscious programmes.. NPL can improve personality by removing the programmes or ‘patterns’ that are the cause of the personality problems or flaws. For example, when someone is selfish, this is due to subconscious patterns like: ‘the others are not important’, ‘don’t do anything for someone else, think of yourself’.. When someone has difficulty making decisions, this is due to patterns like ‘you can’t decide on your own, you don’t know how’. NPL healing can improve personality in all of its aspects – any personality defect can be remedied in NPL.

How does NPL work? Linda Evans can perceive these programmes that are the cause of personality problems in your subconscious mind from a distance and break them down, also from a distance. When the patterns responsible for certain problems are removed from the subconscious mind, the problem will be completely erased and will never ever return. Therefore NPL can improve personality like no other technique before.

NPL is also unique since someone who has been treated for personality issues or whatever problem, will also observe positive changes in other aspects of life, for example with regard to health, relationships with other people, work, talents and abilities, and/or regarding the events we attract in life and the circumstances in which we live.

Although NPL is a very effective tool to improve personality and your entire life, it can do even more. It is the ultimate aim of NPL to free the soul from all of the patterns and from the reincarnation cycle.

There are example treatments of people who testify that their personality has improved greatly and that their life has changed profoundly as a result of NPL healing. They can be watched on NPL example treatments.

More information concerning the views behind this theory and therapy can be read in the free book A new view on man, the subconscious mind and misery in the world’.

Self help tool to improve personality: npl self treatment