Improving personality

NPL healing or “NPL Personal Development” is a unique and effective method for improving the personality, reversing negative life situations and events in life, improving health, increasing talents and abilities and for bringing success into your life. NPL is different from every other technique for personal growth or self improvement. It is based upon a totally new view on man and on the cause of misery in the world.

NPL healing is a technique for improving the personality developed by Linda Evans. It is based on new discoveries concerning the subconscious mind. It is the view of NPL that man is a soul in a body that is surrounded by the subconscious mind. There is a positive and a negative part in the subconscious mind: the energies are positive and the blockages are negative. NPL can improve your personality by breaking down the blockages as a result of which energies emerge. There are millions of blockages or ‘patterns’ that make up the ‘programme’. Each pattern is the cause of one specific problem in life regarding personality, health, life situations and conditions, lack of love, lack of success, lack of talents, … It is possible to fundamentally improve your personality by breaking down these patterns.

NPL healing was created by Linda Evans. She treats people exclusively from a distance. She is able to perceive the subconscious mind in and around the human and animal body and to break down the blockages from a distance. So Linda Evans can improve your personality without being with you in person. There are example treatments of people who have been treated with NPL on her website and who testify about the unique results obtained with this special technique for improving the personality and every aspect of life. Click on NPL example treatments to watch these testimonies in text and on film.

NPL takes the view that man is trapped in an eternal cycle of reincarnation and of suffering as a result of the programme. The soul can only be released from the reincarnation cycle and from all misery by breaking down the programme. NPL is a very powerful tool for improving the personality and all areas of life, but its primary aim is to free the soul from the entire programme and from the reincarnation cycle.  More information about the philosophy behind NPL can be found in the free book that can be read on NPL book.

Apart from the treatment performed by Linda Evans herself for improving the personality, it is also possible to make use of Linda’s psychic energies all by yourself to break down blockages in yourself and in others. Very good results are obtained with this free technique too. For more information about this self treatment, visit NPL self treatment.

Self help technique for improving personality : npl self-treatment